We will be better next season

Jackson and CJGJ are the only starters hitting free agency, there’s a ton of cap room and Brad Holmes has four picks on day 1 and 2.



Reynolds will be hitting FA too. Need him back.


There’s another season after this one?


If I could have looked into the future and saw this thread title, I would not have been happy.

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This is likely the worst Lions team, on paper, that we’ll see for the next few years before all the young guys get their 2nd contract. Doesn’t mean that those Lions teams will go as far as this one but more to illustrate that this team is ahead of schedule and playing with house money at this point.

With that said, since we’re here now, lets go win that Lombardi now.


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Another guy who may be getting an extension this offseason along with Goff, St Brown and McNeil is Iffy.

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So be careful.

Ragnow is put together right now with duct tape.
Decker is starting to get up there in age and has struggle at some points this year. Especially against speed guys.

So remember that while we are all looking at the additions. There will be valuable subtractions on the horizon.


Ragnow’s issues are massively exaggerated. His only long term issue is the toe, and he’s played through that, at All Pro level, for two years now. Everything else is just standard football injures, he sprained his knee and his ankle Sunday. He’s under contract for the next three seasons and I would be willing to bet that he’ll play those three years at least because of how prideful he is about meeting his obligations to the team.

Decker will be 31 in August and next season is a contract year for him. I’m not worried about him declining suddenly.

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With the glowing Pub we are finally getting (great staff to play for, winning culture solidified), are we now a destination that FAs will look at?

I’m assuming that is the case. Hopefully, some of our cureent players will let those FAs know to get on board!

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Free agents lining up this March to sign with Detroit

Absolutely a destination spot!

  1. When you’re one of the last 4 teams standing and really should be even better next year, you certainly qualify as a “SB contender,” which we know is catnip for a lot of FAs.

  2. The culture. Dan Campbell. You could say no more, but there’s more to be said. Remember that Aaron Glenn was the #1 DC players would want to play for. Glenn might well leave after this season, but point is: it’s not just Campbell. And then the players themselves. Any doubt that they have one heckuva locker room and camaraderie out the wazoo? Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

  3. The fan appreciation. There’s a LOT of love to be had in Detroit if you play hard and enjoy success. As DC said, this isn’t LA where there’re a million attractions. We know the history. And Ford Field is an electric place to play.

Destination spot for FAs? Absolutely. I don’t see Brad making a habit of dipping into the high-priced end of that market, but could see him doing it this offseason if the right guy at the right spot on defense is available.


Glasgow and Vildor are UFAs starting right now as well.

We are going to spend almost all of our cap space on these guys

ST Brown

And more lower paid players and RFAs

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I think we let Jackson and CJGJ walk. Jackson hasn’t proved to be worth the kind of contract a desperate team will undoubtedly offer, and CJGJ isn’t really required and isn’t worth a multi-year deal given his injury. Glasgow won’t cost a lot and extending the other guys won’t hit the cap hard because they already have cap hits in 2024, and their deals will be backloaded.

There will be money to sign one or two significant free agents. Plus the draft picks. Plus the potential development of Jamo, Martin and others like we’ve seen from Melifonwu and Barnes.

The team will be better next year for sure, on paper at least.


Even without those two (who i expected to take less than previously thought due to those injuries) i still expect:

Goff 50+mil

St Brown 25+mil
Sewell ~30mil

Alim i could see as low as 15mil but probably around 20mil

Glasgow 6-8mil

Josh Reynolds 5mil

Plus several lower roster players and RFAs

Our cap space will be gone quickly

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I might be a tick off on my timeline, but I would put Sewell on the left and Decker on the right for the 24 season.

I’m not making that change until I absolutely have too.

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Goff, St Brown, Sewell and McNeill are all under contract next year. If they get extended their cap hits for 2024 won’t change.

That’s Kyler Murray’s cap history. He signed his big money deal after the 2021 season, but his cap hits in 2022 and 2023 were still small because the new contract didn’t really kick in until 2024. New deals for Goff, Sewell, McNeill and St Brown will look similar, not much change to the 2024 numbers with the big hits coming when the new deal actually kicks in, and also with bigger hits at the end of those deals when the cap is bigger.

Holmes can resign those four players and not have it change the 2024 cap situation at all. He could also use those extensions to create cap space, although I doubt he’d do that.


Iffy is also up iirc.