We won today without these guys


But all you hear is how the Cards were without their star WR Hopkins… about the gutted Lions, crickets :cricket:


Haha. Click on the replay of the game and all I get is a Kyler Murray scramble for like 28 yards. Gotta love it.

Murray had 3 carries for 4 yards today! We shut his ass down with a bunch of undrafted rookies!

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Aren’t the cards 10-4 now?

They missed K Austin Seibert, also under contract for next year. They also missed TE Hunter Bryant, also under contract for next year.

Not sure he will be under contract next year the way Patterson has been kicking


The scramble where he avoided like 4 lions and threw up a prayer to AJ Green.

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Oh that play was crazy for sure. And what a catch by A.J. Green.

I thought Julian Okwara a healthy scratch or was he out for other reasons?