Wednesday Practice, 30 Oct

Slay is back, Walker and Glasgow didn’t practice. Neither did Hand, but for personal reasons rather than an injury. Remember Deshaun Shead? The Lions are working him out as a possible replacement for Walker if he can’t go on Sunday. Prudent if you ask me.

Patricia is saying that Glasgow’s injury in nothing serious, he didn’t feel good enough to practice in pads today so they held him out. Prudent again.

Don’t know how much Slay practiced, probably he’ll be listed as Limited on the Injury Report that comes out at 4pm ET.

Today is their first practice since Sunday, so, not surprised to see a couple guys going easy.

Some say Bryant can’t play until the Bears game, but others say he could play in Oakland:

The Lions have from now until November 19th to either activate Bryant from injured reserve to the active roster or release him from the team (not a likely option). If they don’t make either move, Bryant will remain on injured reserve for the remainder of the year and will not be eligible to return this season.

During this 21-day evaluation, a decision can be made on Bryant at any time. Meaning if they feel comfortable with his health, they could activate him for this weekend’s game against the Oakland Raiders — but don’t hold your breath on that happening.

It’s kinda academic anyway, the Lions are going to make sure he’s up to the job and NFL-ready. And that’s not likely to be this week. Anyway, it looks like the DL is finally getting healthy. Hand is back, and Daniels is practicing again and he might go against the Bears too. Can they get hot and play the kind of defense many of us were expecting to see?

I said it last week… we running the table boys.


Wouldn’t that be somethin’.

Any word on Daniels, Amani and Walker? Seems like we could have a few some of the injured back.

“Any word on Daniels, Amani and Walker? Seems like we could have a few some of the injured back.”

Daniels and Amani practiced today but were limited. Walker did not practice. At this point, there’s no telling which of them will play and which won’t.