Week 1 vs Chiefs

The key to beating the Chiefs is old school football. I happen to think the Lions are built to beat the Chiefs.

I get it, the Lions were 4th(?) in points scored. But they won’t win in a shoot-out (sorry). They have to keep it a low scoring game.

No one is afraid of the Chiefs running game. If they get a lot of yards on the ground thats fine. They’ll have to win doing that.

The Lions have the DB amo. Sutton, Moseley, Jacobs, Harris, Walker, Kerby, CJGJ, and Branch. JC, and the other LB’s will be impactful as far as containment. Put pressure on Mahomes, but no need to send too many or blitz too much. Maybe a sneak here, and there. Like with Branch.

Run, run, run, score at the GL, TOP, and Goff playing mistake free football.

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I think we are capable of both the shootout & the Ground control game.
With Gibby, much of what’s dexigned to go for 7 yards will go for 40+. We may rip off far more chunk yardage than ppl suspect. Jamo would be so nice to have going into this one, but I think we have a great chance without him.

I’m guessing we come out swinging for the fences - would not be a the least bit surprised if we came out and hit 'em with a trick play on the first drive.

I agree that it can be a shoot-out, but doing it playing this scheme. The idea of a low scoring game. Run, run, run, game management, time of possession, keeping Mahomes off the field. They generate enough pressure with Hutch, Houston, and the rest. The LB’s will play a factor in containment, and the DB’s are stacked. I do think a few unsuspected blitzes like I mentioned with Branch. Who is so good at it, and is the perfect bench guy to come in and get you off guard. For the most part I think this will be Detroits game all season which is why i think they are built to beat the Cheifs.

But they will take their shots, and play aggressive like they always do. If the Shaolin kung fu ninja master Gibbs breaks them off, they’ll take the points anytime they get them.

Normally I’d say attack the shit outta the QB, but Mahomes will burn you like that, and this team is so stacked at DB.

I seriously cannot wait for this game. I do not think the Chiefs will have a sufficient game plan, because they wont really know what to game plan.

I would be very surprised if the defending Super Bowl champs had a bad game plan. Reid is renowned for his game-planning.


Love the passion for Branch but I am curious how much playing time he gets in game 1 vs Mahomes. Granted depends on health of Walker and Mosely but I just don’t see Branch getting a ton of playing time in game one.

I think it’s situational. Thats why I mentioned putting him in to go after the QB which would be a good idea. Since he’s so damn good at it.

Yea, well it’s a pretty big jump from college to nfl, even when you come from AL.

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I didn’t mean “bad” game plan, but let me say this. Everyone in the world knows the Chiefs. For instance, my game plan is pretty good (i think). Let’s say this was the 6th game of the season, then maybe they can game plan more accurately. Detroit has too many new faces on offense, and defense.

True, but that’s why you bring him in for what he’s good at. Not an entire game. A play or so. Like a DB blitz.

I don’t see the historical anti-Lions bias showing up on this game.

The Lions are the new darlings of the league. Having the Lions win this game is the better outcome for the NFL. If anything, we might actually see close calls go our way :exploding_head:

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I agree it’s better to play them early as we’ll be able to spring more surprises, but I just can’t get behind the idea that the Chiefs will come into the game with an insufficient game plan. It will be good and creative and it will take everything we have to stop it.

On defense I expect them to play tight to the line of scrimmage and dare Goff to beat them over the top. So planning a heavy run attack plays right into their hands. We will have to mix in some more aggressive play calling, and that will take us away from “old school” football. This is why I don’t think it’ll be low scoring. It’ll be something like 33-30.

But I believe we have the firepower and Ben has the creativity to beat them whether we open up the play book or not.

It’s not the Packers or Cowboys so I’m not worried.

I don’t mean to downplay the Chiefs, but it is an advantage. We have one of the best OL’s in the game. Let’s take your approach against the 49’ers. It’s not working. No one can stop that team from running the football. CMaC is their x-factor. I think Gibbs will be that x-factor.

KC used the same approach against Philly in the Super Bowl, and Philly had the best OL in the league and has been one of the top rushing offenses for awhile. They forced Hurts to try and beat them in the air and he almost did it. But it was Philly’s worst rushing game of the year.

We can’t be stubborn. If the Chiefs are daring us to throw, we’ll have to do it. And I think like Philly we’ll be able to. But it won’t make for an old school football game.

Anyway it’s all just supposition at this point, preseason injuries could completely alter the way one team attacks the other, especially an injury to either QB.


My first thought is, I think this game will be a good reflection of why there is so much emphasis on building the trenches by Brad and Dan. Even if it is a stalemate with the Super Bowl Champs early on , I am looking for our guys to start wearing them down in the later parts of the game. I want to see our big guys beat down their big guys. It’s a really tough task, but I think our guys can set a high standard of effort with this game that could resonate throughout the season. They have to win the physical matchups.

This is absolutely going to be a factor, probably right out of the gate (first game).
I think Gibbs is special. With some luck with health and learning the playbook quickly, I think he has a chance to be as good as Fox. Gonna take some time on that one, but I really think he could be that good.

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Agree. KC can be beat, tough as hell to do so and I don’t expect it to be honest, won’t be shocked if we do, but don’t expect it. But I do not and will not discount the Chiefs. Reid is very good and so is Mahomes to understate it.

I don’t think we can just play smash mouth football to win it. We will definitely play a lot of power/smash football, however, there will be motion and new plays from old formations to keep them off balance as much as possible. And, as I said earlier, I believe there will be a change in tempo to while we do power and play action too keep their defense on the field and create mismatches.


I preach this. This is why I say I love how this team is being built, and why i like the 49’ers. This is part of why i love the Jack Campbell, and Brian Branch picks. There’s a difference between good OL’s, and good defenses, and those that kick your ass. Being a tough physical team. The biting knee caps plan is real. Put it this way, I wouldn’t want Deion Sanders on my team. I want Ronnie Lott.