Week 14: same 3 NFC teams can clincj

San Fran, Philly and Dallas

These are the only teams that can clinch. All three can clinch a WC birth and can of course move up the seeding for a division title as well at this time

I know tie breaking and what not but strange that we can’t but 2 teams with same record can.

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The east is domniated by there two games and they have such a lead on the rest of the conference it’s crazy…

Most of the “scenarios” involved at least five teams with certain outcomes….

For San Fran it is way easy actually….

  • Forty-Niners beat the Seahawks, and
    Packers lose to the Giants
  • Forty-Niners beat the Seahawks, and
    Vikings lose to the Raiders
  • Forty-Niners beat the Seahawks, and
    Vikings tie the Raiders, and Giants tie the Packers
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Lions are 9-3. So let’s assume a win and gets us to 10-3.

If the Vikings, Packers, Rams, and Hawks all lose that puts their win CAP at 10 wins.

So if they were to all win out - and Detroit lose out. It would come down to tie breakers.

5 teams and 2 slots.

We know SEA beat us. So they’d always have it.

Just ran the simulator and yea, if we win this week and they all lose. We still don’t clinch. Because if they all win out (save for GB vs MIN week 16) and we lose out we’d miss playoffs.

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Yo, Philly is at Dallas, so can 3 NFC teams really clinch?

Sweet play on words brother!

All three, individually, can clinch…

You are correct….

San Fran can and one of the other two can as well. But no, this weekend only one team from the east can clinch a WC seeding

Week 14, 1 team will clinch for sure. Philly needs only a tie to clinch, where Dallas and San Fran need a win. Since Philly plays Dallas, only 2 teams can clinch this week.

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Dallas and San Francisco have ridiculous points for.

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