Week 18 vs Vikings: Time to rest starters

I think we will see Teddy at some point as well.
Would be a nice gesture since he’s retiring after the season.

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So now, if we win, and eagles and cowboys lose next week, we get #2?

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I don’t want us to just rest our starters. I want us to punt on first down all game and cost the league as much credibility as possible.

No rest. I want a can of whoop ass!

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I think some of you are gonna be surprised at how much the starters will play next week!

We could forfeit in protest.

What if the Vikes are win and get in and we forfeit in protest of week 7?

Rest the whole team.

I want them to play and run a couple of crossing routes right on top of an official.

Well, we ain’t testing the starters now. Let’s go Redskins

It’d be hilarious if we did. Heck why not do it to protest the Gado play too?

In all seriousness I would like to see us actually play next week and go in to the playoffs with winning momentum.

If we get a big enough lead early. I can see Campbell pulling starters. Other than that, they’ll play all game.

Yep, we have no choice. Our game will most certainly be the 1:00pm time slot, so we won’t know the outcome of the Cowboys-Redskins game or the Eagles-Giants game. Gonna have to play to win in the off chance the Cowboys and Eagles lose and we get that #2 seed.

I hope we mud-stomp the Vikings.

Injury to TJ Watt

That’s why we rest guys

We should

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