Week 18 vs Vikings: Time to rest starters

Better be resting our starters for the most part please especially on offense. I don’t care if Vikings make playoffs with win. Being healthy this team can make a good run this year.

Obviously some D guys may be coming back and need some game reps. They should get those.

Agreed, only if eagles win tomorrow, which is pretty much a lock.

Guys who shouldn’t play…


Guys who shouldn’t play the second half…

St. Brown

Guys who should play the whole game (if healthy)…


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I mean Dallas now has inside track to 2 seed of Eagles lose 1. Would need Eagles to lose twice and Dallas next week. Almost 0 chance. 99% sure lions have 3 seed.

Yep a lot of starters will be out next week for sure

They should give Hendon Hooker a half, this is the perfect time to get his feet wet in the NFL.


I’ve thought he was an NFL star since his college days. I really want to see him get some action

Add Barnes to that list. He needs more practice:

“I tried to lower my shoulder and I thought I could get a big boom on him,” Barnes said. "Dak’s a big quarterback, also athletic. He just kind of ducked his shoulder when he came back to the sideline…should have just not let that one go. Looking back at it, that could have been (the difference) in the game, but you never know.

We do, it was the difference in the game

“I’m for sure kicking myself over it, but I got guys around me that’s picking me up about it.”

Please kick some more


Explains his IQ perfectly, it’s all starting to make sense why the LB coach a couple years ago said ball goes right he goes left

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It will be interesting to see who plays in week 18 and who doesn’t.

Derrick…you didn’t even make contact, buddy.

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“could have been”

Huge potential game changing play right there.

could have been…SMDH.

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That to me was the the worst play of the game

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Sucks. I have tickets to next weeks game. Was rooting for a win last night to make next week means something. Now I’m just gonna get drunk and scream at whatever referee is in my line of sight.

Haha may I suggest streaking the field and trying to tackle a few refs.

i dare you a christmas story GIF

Depends on how much I drink. That might get us some of those make up calls you spoke of. :joy:

I’ve got it. Get hammered. Then at halftime change into a refs uniform and head down to the field.

I expect quite the performance @Lionpile Do not let us down. :joy:


I’ll make sure to write “StephenBoyd57” on my chest with red lipstick…with the P and the O going over my nipples. That way you will know it’s me.

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Start Hendon please!

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