Week 18

SO looking at the way the NFL has put every game for week 18 as TBD, I was wondering which play time would you prefer for the Lions? Do you believe that they will get a national televised game or will they just be mixed in with the group?

So here is the note for week 18 from NFL.com.

“In Week 18, two games will be played on Saturday (4:30 PM ET and 8:15 PM ET) with the remainder to be played on Sunday afternoon (1:00 PM ET and 4:25 PM ET) and one matchup to be played on Sunday night (8:20 PM ET). Specific dates, start times, and networks for Week 18 matchups will be determined and announced following the conclusion of Week 17.”

Personally I would like one of the Saturday games, in that case we can all scoreboard watch on Sunday if the Lions win out, or we can be done and start focusing on the offseason.

Whenever it’s coldest and benefits GB as much as possible will be when the game will be played :smirk:

Is the lions and packers win this weekend and the Commanders and Seahawks lose they are both eliminated, meaning the winner of Packers/Lions gets in. If that’s the case we will likely get flexed to Sunday night.

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Yep that is my feeling as well. If the lions/peckers game is for the last playoff spot it is for sure the Sundau night game

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I think that you might be forgetting the actual Division games that will be played for Division titles. I can see the Jags and Titan game deciding who wins the division, or the Bengals and the Ravens Division title match. Now add in the Lions and Packers game and there are 3 games for national television and there are going to be 3 national television games, (Sat at 4:30, Sat at 8:15 and Sunday at 8:20).

If it were me the Bengals and Ravens would be Sunday night, while the Lions/packers and the Jags and Titans would be the Saturday games. If that is the case then I can see the Lions getting the early Saturday game, while the Division deciding games get the late night games.


No to the Saturday game!

Why take an extra day or Practice, healing and plotting away from the team; give them the full week to get ready please


I can’t see them not giving Aaron Rodgers the prime time game. I can’t see Jags-Titans getting the prime time slot over Rodgers. The meaning of Lions-Packers will be entirely dependent on Washington and Seattle results whereas Jags-Titans is already a win and in scenario I believe so I can easily see that game being the Saturday game.
This will probably be a better conversation on Monday once we know the results of this week’s games. The Lions and Packers can go from eliminated to controlling their destiny. We’ll learn a lot this weekend.


Jags vs titans is not a major draw no matter what they are playing for. They may get bumped to Saturday afternoon, but I’d be very surprised if they got the night slot unless there was no other meaningful games.

The league loves the Packers in the spotlight and the Lions have been the lovable underdog this year.

If Lamar is back for that Bengals game and it truly does decide the division then I could see that being an option, but I doubt it.

Rodgers playing in Lambeau in a win and in scenario is way to appealing to the league.

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As a side note, if we take care of business this Sunday we will be playing a game with playoff implications in week 18. I think if we were told that before the season everyone here would have considered this season a smashing success.


when will they announce the times?

After all week 17 games are completed. So next Tuesday probable.


Biggest game for us imo is the jets needing to beat Washington… that happens with our win and bam!

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You mean Jets beating Seattle?
I guess Seattle is in Washington state

Washington plays Cleveland


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