Week 2 Chargers - portal to the other side


Los Angeles Chargers

I post these out of interest in what the other side is saying not to start trolling .

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They’ve notched this up as a win and are full of themselves over the Indy win. No respect for our D. MP better relax the snapcounts on our key players. All need to be surly against their line that gave up 4 sacks last week.

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Thanks for the links. Always fun to read other boards. My favorite post was the one praising our OL and AZ having marginal success against it.


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I would see it the same way if I were a Chargers fan.

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Bumping this just to see how the opponents are discussing this. Shhhhhh…let’s listen.

I don’t need those boards to hear what Charger fans are saying because I live in LA. Oh wait a minute, maybe I do need those links because there aren’t any Charger fans in LA lol

It’s like reading the Lions game threads lol. SOC: Same Ole Chargers

I thought the Lions got some breaks with some weak penalties on SD. It has been a long time since I have seen the Lions get the better of the officiating, but it kept it close. The fumble at the goal line was a bad mistake. I thought we played the superior 1st half (outside of two missed kicks and a horrible brain fart by Diggs before the half) and they were playing a better 2nd half, but the penalties kept it close enough for Stafford to make a play.