Week 2 grades and analysis

Quite a mixed bag yesterday. Kind of opposite game 1. Against the Cards, we played pretty well for 3 quarters and blew it in crunch time. Yesterday, we played pretty sloppy for most of the game, yet stole a W at the end. Some individual grades:

Stafford (B) Would have been much lower, but that TD pass to Kenny G was an elite play.

Kenny G (A) Stud game. MVP of that game for sure.

Agnew (E) Dude is on thin ice. Thought he could have been cut last week and he didn’t do himself any favors this week.

TJH (inc) Had a rookie type game. It happens.

Slay (C-) Again, would have been much lower as he got abused for most of the game, but made a huge play to seal the W.

Special teams coach - (F) F as in Fired. Can’t blame him for the missed kicks, but there is basically a penalty on every single ST play. At this point, I would rather just call for fair catches so we don’t have to back up 10 yards every time.

Flowers (D) I think I heard his name called twice so far in 2 games. Made 1 assisted tackle. Very disappointed in his production so far. Will need him to step it up if we want to have a chance in the next couple games. Pats don’t seem to miss him either.

Snacks (E) Not sure he even dressed (kidding). That contract extension looks awful at this point. 2 games where he went completely AWOL.

Tavai (B) Good to see him making a positive impact.

Patricia (C+) Slightly above average because we got the win, but he seems to be lost out there at times. The defensive series before halftime was a cluster F.

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