Week 4 portal to the other side ( Chiefs )


I post these out of interest in what the other side is saying - I do not make them to encourage trolling .


“Frank Clark ****ing sucks” 555 replies :eyes:

this site look pretty busy its only Monday and they have a 8 page thread on Lions

and I thought lions fans could be harsh

Thats a shame. I was going to post a link to Warpaint Illustrated, it was a very active Chiefs forum back in the day. I realized now it was swallowed up, and swallowed alive by the mess that was 24/7 sports.

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That was an interesting read. Seems some of them think this might be a trap game for the Chiefs, while the majority think that the Chiefs are going to blow the Lions out of the water.

I believe that it is going to be a lot closer then they believe, but I cannot fault a fan for believing in their team over one that they know very little about.

That is a cocky bunch. Might be enough to make me root for the Patriots come January and I never root for the Patriots.

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This is true… KC fans are an interesting group. For the most part they can be quite honest and blunt about their team. Since Mahomes though, you’d never know they lost the AFC title game. You’d never know they lost any game for that matter. Not much different than KU fans. For such a “dynastic” program, they have 1 title in recent memory and a much bigger history of choking in big games. Kinda like Michigan football fans in that regard.

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Lol, some very interesting comments…

-The ‘Patricia’ last name one, a woman’s first name as a last name…

-Lions are the Bengals of the NFC… You heard of the team but know nothing about them other than they always suck! Lol chuckled at that one.

I’m going to make a separate post highlighting one of their posters comments shortly… Pay attention.

I’m experiencing some serious schadenfreude over the KU basketball scandal.

Jesus, man. You posted one ‘dose’ exist instead of ‘does’ on their board in reference to our board. Fix that, you are making us all look like rubes.

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I was sitting next to 3 KC fans at the bar on Sunday. The first 2 walked in and had on an Eric Berry and Priest Holmes jersey. Clearly real fans that have been around for a while. They were excited and nervous about the game, like real fans are on Sundays. The 3rd guy walks in with his brand new Mahomes jersey and hat. He’s not nervous, and is talking trash about how many points the Chiefs are going to blow out the Ravens by.

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They’re certainly a cocky bunch. Guess that they deserve to be. Interesting reading.

I want to feel cocky… :thinking:

Cocky as Packer fans! https://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=325486&page=3

Best comment there!

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It’s funny to see people labeling them cocky. If we had Mahomes and the Chiefs accomplishments since he took over, including not scoring less than 26 points as a team in 20 games… this board would be flooded with optimism and cockiness.

We are a historically losing franchise, haven’t won anything in the SB era and are barely squeaking out games in 2019… Yet almost half of the board thinks we beat the Chiefs today. Lol

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There’s a chap over there with 211k+ posts since '02.

Damn, step it up folks!

For me, it would depend on our opponent and their fan base… Most teams I’d be level headed… But there are those handful of teams that I’d be all over! Lol

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