Week 4 scouting report: Have the Green Bay Packers improved?

Seems to say that compared to last year, the Pack are:
QB - the same
RB - a push
WR - slightly better
OL - worse
DL - better (cuz Gary is back)
LB - very good
DB - same

Conclusion: We’re gonna kick their ass in their own house.
They’ve beaten the Bears and the Saints (barely) and lost to the same ATL team we just rolled.
Their pass rush v. our depleted line is their only hope. So, we should run from pass sets. This is a Gibby game.

I think their defense is good enough to make this a close game. It’s hard to trust an offense that barely scored enough points to beat a Saints team that was not a threat to add more points after Carr got hurt. A low-scoring game favors the Lions IMHO.


Ben Johnson will need to earn his paycheck this week, because they have a very good defense.

I will never take a division opponent (or any game) as a gimme - especially the Packers, especially at Lambeau.