Week 5 NFLTalk

A Lionless day, grid wise. Also why move the England game 1pm?!? It was always at 9am EST, God damn you again Goodell!

No real good matchup today except for the night game. Probably be flipping between Atl/Hou & Buf/Tenn.

Don’t forget GB @ Dallas. Two teams I hate but I’ll have to hold my nose and root for the Cowboys, obviously. Hopefully they beat the crap out of each other.

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Overlooked that one, my bad. It’s certainly my 4pm watch.

Only 2 4 PM games today. GB at Dallas is a premier matchup and the league wants all eyes on that game. Without Adams Green Bay is euchred. Dallas coming off a loss, where they were physical whipped at the LOS… they are going to push GB all around the field today IMO.

I am playing Kirk Cousins in almost half of my DK lineups today. Stacking him with Thielen. Ravens Steelers is a game with major implications. I will most likely be watching the Bills game.

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The nine 1pm games are a bit much. I hope the NFL Red Zone shows the games Brady Bunch style, with the nine boxes, each with a game.

Right with you on Cousins, just a matter of time. Hopefully today, good luck

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Kickoff time bitches!

Richie Incognito sighting. Idiotic personal foul cost his team 3 points.

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Bears are in trouble

All D, no O in Nashville. Switching games…

NYG goal posts are nowhere near as formidable as ours.

Mayock and Gruden might not be the clowns that people thought…

Raiders are in trouble, Bears defense is taking over

Mason Rudolf was knocked out.

TB making a comeback in NO. Battle for first in the NFCS.

It all started with that terrible pitch from Carr

Wesley may have been right. Vikings look good today. I realize the Giants are missing 3 starting LBs, but MN looks improved today.

That said, it’s still within reach…GO GIANTS

Side note - Looks like the Bears could lose today too.


Out cold.

Bears take the lead, Mayock and Gruden don’t look like genius anymore.

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Holy shit! He was out on the way down. Looks like the helmet caught him right on the chin.

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