Week 7 scouting report: Another defensive showdown looms vs. Ravens

I just hope we don’t get ahead of ourselves. Now EVERYONE is talking about this team being a legitimate super bowl contender. Just take it one game at a time.

None of the talk means shit if we can’t beat the Ravens. Period.


Key matchup: Lions front seven vs. Lamar Jackson

This, right here, is the key to this and every other game this season. We’ve struggled against good O-line play. We got lucky in Tampa because Mayfield overthrew his receivers a couple times and we got the one interception that should have been a touchdown. If we can’t generate more pressure against Baltimore- and simultaneously contain Lamar Jackson- it will be tough to win.

But if we can generate pressure and be disciplined and force Jackson into trying to win the game with his arm, I think the Lions can come out victorious.

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This looks like the toughest match up for us until we hit the postseason. Between the injuries and the personal matchups it’s going to be difficult. If we get Banks back I believe we can get the W.

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It’s got that feel of too much attention on us this week

Kind of like the Seahawks week.


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