Weekly Game Prediction Threads - we have a winner

Thanks to everyone who took part in the weekly polls for predicting the winner and margin of victory for each Lions games this year.

@Spartansd pulled away from a logjam and scored his fifth correct prediction this past week, correctly calling a Lions victory by 9-16 points. The five wins separated him from nine others who had four games correctly predicted. Sparty - message me your address for the CJ81 jersey.

The game that was predicted correctly by most people was the New Orleans game in which we won 33-28 (28 correct predictions). Minnesota1, Carolina, and Las Vegas was tied for second with 24 correct.

The game that was predicted correctly least often was the GreenBay2 game (0 correct). Next was Baltimore (1 correct), then Chicago2 and Seattle (2 correct).

Final standings:
@Spartansd 5 correct

@QBHATER90 @transplantedyooper @Tucker @CuriousHusker @HSVLion @Jah26 @WestCoastLionsFan @Lionsfansincebirth @Wolverine0611 4 correct

13 with… 3 correct

31 with … 2 correct

82 with … 1 correct.

Hope you had fun!!!


Good job Sparty!

GIF by Australian Open


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