Weirdest purgatory


Interesting article. Though at this point 7 wins seems optimistic

Interesting read…they really did get kind of screwed over by the old rookie pay scale…made it a bit harder to find the extra pieces for depth when you’re stuck paying 3 guys so much of your cap.

I will say it’s easy to look at the even record since 2011 and oh well, they weren’t that bad overall…but then when you break it down to all the different Lions-type ways they screwed the pooch, throw in a heavy dose of crappy reffing/obscure rule interpretations… and it’s been like bizarro world as a long suffering Lions fan.

Looking at the remaining games, Arizona and Buffalo look like the only winnable games…maybe, just maybe at Green Bay. 6-10 or maybe 7-9 looks probable.

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Maybe… But did you think Carolina was a winnable game? Me neither. This team never seizes to amaze, and then disappoint

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