Welcome to Detroit, KC!


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I’m flying in Thursday, going to Wings game Friday and Lions game Sunday. Hopes its a good weekend. Go LIONS!


Im driving up on Friday, and Ill be in Livonia with my Dad from Friday-Monday. We are hitting Ford Field Sunday, I can’t wait!

I know you guys are super terrified of the Chiefs, and they ARE good, but Im telling you, I watch 4 teams a year beat KC. Detroit can easily be one of those teams. We can cover KC’s WR’s, but we must play slow, ball control offense to keep Mahomie off the field.

This is the kind of game you can win, but you must win in all 3 facets and play very disciplined football. The type of game coaching can win you, and the type of game which is exactly why we got a defensive guru to figure out how to win

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Problem: The Lions are not playing very disciplined football right now, too many lapses IMHO. Getting better I think though. Stafford and the defense have to play lights out, which is possible but they might not be in playoff form yet, and it looks like they’ll have to be pretty damn good to hang with KC.


Absolutely true, but we were playing straight up dysfunctional/abysmal football thru 2 weeks last year, then kind of bitch slapped the Pats. We can all at least hope for one of those “I did not see that coming” games. We are due to play a more well rounded game, and my god, Mahomes is WAY overdue to lay an egg.


I just looked it up. The worst game of Patrick Mahomes career so far he went 22 of 38 for 313 yards with 0 TDs and 2 INTs! Unfortunately the Chiefs still won the damn game 30-14. Ugh. These guys are on fire right now.

Wow, that is crazy. Kinda remimds me of the greatest show on turf Rams teams. Warner had a game where he went 14-20 for just 144 yards. 1 TD and 3 picks. They beat Carolina 48-14. WTF

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It will take established long drives ending in TD’s and minimizing mistakes. Settling for FG’s and punting frequently or turning it over will result in this game getting out of hand.

The Chiefs will attack often and we will need to score to stay pace. Lions will need a perfect game to have a chance in this one. Just my opinion. If they can stay competitive and have a shot in the fourth quarter, anything is possible.

Marshall Faulk. KC ain’t got one of those


This place would be on fire

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I watched KC lose 5 games last year. Including one where the other team never gave them the ball in OT. It is possible to beat KC. Its hard, but it is possible

KC’s weakness is their defense. No one can really test them because everyone tries to get in a shootout and chases points. You can’t, KC has too many weapons. KC’s defense is the issue when they lose games. Thats where they have to be tested. Their offense will get points, but you must leverage the clock and keep their offense off the field, and you CAN win that way. Its no different that the Packers offenses with Rodgers when you couldnt stop them. The teams that beat them, found ways to control the clock.

Every dog has their day. I think we can have ours Sunday


When you have nothing to lose, you can get off your heels. I don’t expect us to win but I hope they aren’t shy about taking it to them. The crowd ought to be en fuego. What ever happened to that guy with the crowdnoise handle?

He was the commissioner in one of our fantasy football leagues. As far as we know, he took the money and ran. We haven’t seen him since.

Excellent points about having nothing to lose and the crowd being in a frenzy. This is the type of games that other good teams may have lost early in their building process, but they look back at it as a pivotal moment.


Pivotal is correct. It’s midnight Cinderella…

Marshall Faulk!
I remember that game.

I’m flying in Thursday and going to Tigers/Twins, Wings on Friday, Michigan on Saturday and Lions/KC on Sunday! A great weekend would be 3/4 with only the Tigers losing. KC would be a statement win for the Lions and important in the confidence of the team. Hoping for a good game plan!


I am heading to Detroit for my first Lions game…this year…not going to the Red Wings, Michigan (never again will I step foot in that shithole stadium, sorry, not sorry) or Tigers but will be around. But I am sure the Lions will be the only Detroit area team that will lose that weekend. Well probably the Tigers too.

Have fun y’all

Note: lots of tongue-in-cheek in this post.

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Sounds like a blast!

Awesome! I’m flying in Thursday too. Going to Michigan game Saturday and the big Lions game on Sunday and then back to Phoenix that night…hoping for a great weekend