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Local Michigan Bluegrass Artist who right now is like one of if not the best Bluegrass Artist out there now. This was him at a party before he got famous

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What it is, is a low down feeling…

What. Unbelievable.

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Saw Billy Strings open for The Yonder Mountain String band in DC a few years ago.
Blew their doors off!
Blew my mind.

He’s from my hometown I grew up seeing him perform at parties like the one in the video

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Gonna throw a weird one out there but this song is a banger

I was at this show it was great

This is my favorite song by him

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A friend of mine plays piano and accordion with the band “Asleep at the Wheel”. They played with a full orchestra in Boulder the other night. Radoslav is lower left…

Syd, you would have liked this group. Saw them in Memphis and booked them a couple years later. Two hours after they were suppose to start they still hadn’t taken the stage, too ■■■■■■ up, one of the few shows I ever lost money on.

Kid has some flow. Goodness.

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OK, well this is the other show where I lost my ass. It wasn’t the bands fault, there was an international pyrotechnic competition the same night 30 miles away that drew over 100,000 people. Anyway, the 15 of us who saw the show had a great time and Smokin Joe played like it was a full house.

The old eminem is back.

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So, old room mate is taking over as Paul’s bass player. Don’t try and jump on stage w/o being asked, his boxing record is 10-3-1, lost his last fight to Roberto Duran after 5 rounds,

On fighting Roberto," The difference between me and Roberto Duran was this. I was a German Shepard but he was a wolf. A wolfs jaw strength is ten times more powerful than a German Shepard’s. a domesticated dog gets its food from a bowl. A wolf has to kill for every meal.

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■■■■■■■ incredible.

I thought I’d heard this song before, well, not like this. Great guitar work.

Play this at my Funeral.

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Can’t remember if I’ve posted this before. I think this is the best farewell song to a fan base that I can think of. This is how the group announced they’d be hanging it up.