Well that sucked. Which CB will be there at pick 29?

CB, CB, then whatever.


CB, DE, DT (3A) OG (3B)

2nd CB in FA.

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CB is really deep this year. Need a pass rusher as well. And a back up O-lineman. Oh yeah, and a kicker.


Use all picks on these 3 positions only.

We’re set everywhere else and we will run it back.

I like Quinyon Mitchell the CB from Toledo. Not sure if he makes it to us. I wonder if Cooper DeJean drops to us solely cuz he’s the rare white CB?


My dream is that Terrion ends up there for us, but there’s no way.

That’s good to hear because we might need a couple.

Vildor and Jacobs played over a combined 1000 snaps this year and we almost made the super bowl. That’s pretty incredible when u think about it.

Would those 2 start on any other team in the nfl!?

Would you trade up for him? How far. What if he falls to 22, would you give up the Vike’s third rounder?

What about Lassiter at 29?

If a team drafts Cooper DeJean round 1 they should get comp picks and the end of round 3 this year and then again next year.


It totally depends on what it costs. I wouldn’t move past 18 or so.

And I haven’t really watched any of Lassiter. I was saving all my pre-draft stuff for after our season.

We’ll… get started

We can hope they draft CB, but in reality what rookie CB is going to help this team next year? By that I mean what rookie CB is going to be our #1 CB? None of them.
We need to draft CB but we need to sign a FA CB also to make another run next year

4 out of the first 5 CBs drafted last year would have been our CB1 by week 8 at the latest.

We need a comprehensive strategy using both FA/Trade and the draft. We’re not one CB away from a good secondary. I want 3 new ones. At least.

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I agree with this which is why I said we need to draft and sign a FA CB. I see you cut that part of my quote out
We had Sutton and Vildor as starting CB’s so that isn’t setting the bar high for a rookie to be our #1 by week 8. I’m talking a true #1

The quote was intended to address that we can’t find a ready made CB1 in the draft. We absolutely can. CBs are getting up to speed much more quickly now.

Sure they “can” but will the one we draft be able to do that. Okudah was supposed to be a lock CB1 for us, we saw how that worked out.
Point is you can gamble and hope the CB drafted becomes #1 by mid-season or you can sign a good FA and then draft to build.

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No truer words have been spoken. I think it’s do-able. I think a comprehensive approach to solidifying the roster for another Superbowl run is achievable.
1 new G/C capable of starting
2 new DL, both capable of starting.
2 new DBs, both capable of starting (plus depth).
1 larger-bodied outside receiver capable of 50/50 balls or contested catches
1 Kicker

We have 6 new starters in 2023, plus 9 rotational guys. (doesn’t include the 2 QBs)

We don’t need that same level of turnover. 10-12 overall, not 15-20. That makes a difference, IMO. We’re looking at a 1st, 2nd and 2 3rds this year, right? We could slot some of our needs into those picks, chip away at depth with later picks and UDFAs. Dip into FA somewhere. Doesn’t have to be extreme, but I certainly would look for healthy players, LOL.


Right. Hence why you have that comprehensive strategy with built in redundancies. Seems that we’re on the same page and I simply misunderstood your initial point and therefore got lost in the minutia. Tends to happen with me. :beers:

The good news is we don’t have to be the Chiefs at CB. Get up near league average and the defense is likely to take flight.

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Lassiter is feisty and fearless, kind of like Witherspoon last year. The only “business decisions” he seems to want to make as a tackler is giving the ball carrier the business as often as possible.

While I certainly have no objection for taking a CB if the value is there, I would prefer that we get trench help in the 1st if that value is there. It becomes near impossible to know who will be available that far down in the draft.

In a perfect world, I would prefer we trade down for a top 2nd plus additional compensation for someone that wants that 5th year option for a QB. Let the games commence. :slight_smile: