Well the lions are very Healthy and the Eagles are not

Usually it means the Lions Lose because the over confidence kills them and its fan base for that matter. Has anything changed or SOL

Oh c’mon
Lions have a good shot Sunday
There will not be overconfidence
Why on earth would this team go into any game overconfident?
I’m not going to call a victory but I’m not going to call a loss either
Great opportunity to rack up a win

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If you listen to our DC talk about the philly injuries I think it’s NOT sol or even close. And don’t for one second think this makes philly any less capable. They still have one of the best TEs in football. They have a good core of RBS, they have a mvp caliber QB. They have 2 of the best on the DL and a great DC ( not as HC tho) and a very smart HC. They are STILL a favorite in vegas to win. Anyone who thinks this makes this a show up and don’t do anything dumb and you win game doesn’t know philly. This is being your best or you’ll still get your ass whooped.
I expect a battle and us to be ready

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If I’m the eagles I throw deep constantly to draw PI flags as bad as it’s been.


From another Eagles source:

“The Eagles will also be tested with play-action and from 12 personnel sets. On the season, the Lions have used two tights ends in the passing game 16 times with 14 completions, 183 yards, one touchdown and a 135.1 QB Rating. It’s been extremely efficient and effective for them. The Eagles have responded to 12 personnel with their BASE defense, utilizing three linebackers. Considering the sub-par play they’re getting from their linebackers in coverage, the could be a real problem.”


Just an FYI, the spread has dropped to 5.5 from 7.

That’s because the big money in Vegas is on the Lions.

I will never forget 2014 when our BASE defense was a 6 man box with 2 LBs on the field. And I’m not talking about when the offense was spreading out and other teams would go with that kind of a look. I’m talking about situations where other teams would go 7 man box and some even bringing and 8th man into the box. We were sitting there with 6 because of how frickin dominant our front 4 was vs the run…and could literally smash the run better than damn near anyone could do it (we were a historically good run defense that year). Its crazy to think back on.


Still rude.

Time to jump on the Eagles Bandwagon.


Detroit has the better team but until they show it on a consistent basis, national fans assume we are going to lose because that is what history has shown them.

Detroit needs to make a statement this game. Philly has given up a TON of passing yards. I expect that to continue in this game. Their pass rushers are going to get tired this game. 350 yards, 4 TD’s from Stafford.

Their LBs aren’t all that.

I’d expect a lot of yards to James and Hock.

McKissic might also be a dark horse here.

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Plus Amendola will have a good day too IMHO.

I hope he does because that means the OC is attacking their weak spot with high percentage throws…