Wentz cut

I wonder what interest will look like …

Any takers here?


I really think he needs to move on to the backup QB part of his career. Don’t see a team giving him a starting job. He’s already had shots in Philly, Indy and Washington to very mixed results.

He can probably still make a lot of money holding clipboards. Just ask Chase Daniels.


I would take him as a backup for sure. He is probably looking for starters money though. (which he isn’t going to get)


Agree—I can’t think of a destination that would settle for him as a starter. Maybe Houston?

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I don’t even see Houston as an option honestly. I can’t see the “Let the rookie sit behind a vet bla bla” with Wentz. He is a turd, good enough to be a backup, but still a turd. Houston is going to play whichever rookie QB they draft.


If the price is right. I have no doubt he’s better than Sudfeld.
His biggest problem is that he can’t stay healthy. That’s not a problem in spot service. He could win a few games for us.


He’d be smart to go to a team with a good coach and a vet QB. Denver makes sense. Back up Russ, learn from Payton. Of course that was Jameis’s plan too and it didn’t work out so well for him.

LA wouldn’t be a bad spot either, to back up Stafford and learn from McVay. If somehow the Packers move on from Love and keep Rodgers they’d be a good spot too.

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So the Lions then!?

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Would I, absolutely…not.

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I don’t think the guy drafted one pick before him is veteran enough.

Same draft, forgot about that.

Quite the top 5 that year.


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When Wentz was injured his senior year NDSU was 4-2, enter redshirt freshman Easton Stick. He went 8-0 and then gave the keys to the car back to Wentz who won a national championship. In the next 3 seasons he was the QB and they won national championships his junior and senior season. Trey Lance won the championship the following season.
Stick was drafted by the Chargers and has rode the bench the last 4 years. He’s a FA this year. Smart guy, academic all American and graduated in 3 1/2 years Summa Cum Laude.

“Starting QB in 14 of 15 NCAA playoff games in his four seasons…Completed 165 of 267 passes for 2,233 yards and 23 TDs with seven interceptions in the postseason…Also rushed 127 times for 723 yards and 12 TDs in the playoffs, averaging 5.7 yards per carry…Finished as NDSU’s career record holder for passing yards (8,693), passing touchdowns (88), total offense yards (11,216), yards per game (203.9), yards per play (7.97) and touchdowns responsible for (129)…Ranked second in school history for passing attempts (980), completions (598) and efficiency rating (159.5)…MVFC career record holder for rushing yards (2,523) and rushing touchdowns (41) by a quarterback”

Bring him in for a look see.

Well, that guy has played a lot more games, and has played a lot better, overall.
But, honestly. He wouldn’t be my first choice of backups. I’d rather Minchew or Rush.

BTW, anyone got a scorecard for how many x Wentz was benched last season?

Jets maybe

A team will give him a shot to compete for a start a spot.

I highly doubt he ends up in Carolina….lol

To be honest he should sign on with Denver to sit behind Wilson. If anyone can turn his career around for him it’s Peyton. Besides Wilson looks done.

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If Lamar tells Harbaugh Nevermore…

Im going to look for a prop bet on that… Wentz to Ravens +3000 is my guess.

I would definitely consider bringing him in

chicago :slight_smile:

This has me thinking about QBs who end up sitting behind QBs who were taken in the same draft.

Sam Darnold sat behind Baker Mayfield in Carolina last year. That’s all I’ve got.