What 1pm game are you watching?

Let’s talk about the 1pm games.

I’m toggling back and forth between Min vs Atl and CLE vs TEN.

So far Min locks really good.

CLE drove down and scored as well.

Good game in Clev.

Likewise, because thats our feed. Not complaining at all.

Dalvin Cook looking quick. Minny looking really good. 14-0

Matt Ryan is gifting them their lead, he’s missed 2 wide open receivers and thrown a pick in the first quarter


Oh, wait, I’m on the west coast, so the afternoon games start at 1…


Welp. WTF Falcons? Tenn/Clev entertaining.

Are the Vikings good, or do the Falcons suck?

Falcons defense is getting dominated at the line right now, Vikings running at will

Sure would like to see MN lose

Dalvin Cook will probably be the Comeback Player of the Year if he can stay healthy.

Tyreek Hill carted after a shoulder injury. Then Mahomes leaves the game limping with a knee. Ouch.

Unless there’s a specific matchup that really interests me on a given week I normally will watch the Red Zone Channel when the Lions aren’t playing. Then I’ll use the Game Pass to go back and view specific games such as division rivals Etc later in the week when I’m bored. Or want to scout an upcoming opponent Etc

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Clev LT ejected. Stupid

Minnesota defense looks strong again

Myles Jack was ejected earlier for throwing a punch, he was fighting teammates to get back on the field after the ejection… Emotions are running high

What a minute, did I just read 42-3 Balt?!?

Tanking early I see

As a tribute to the NFL’s 100 season Miami’s going to try to give up a hundred points LOL

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Heard on the Vikings broadcast that Lamar Jackson was 10-11 200yards and 4 TD’s