What 3rd round pick did we get from the Rams?

Is it pick 88 or 101 or 103?

88 it is


Ok, thanks.

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Also, I’m glad it’s an actual third round pick.

Not that bullshit compensatory stuff they label a third round pick.


Already did a mock draft simulator with it lol

Yeah, that’s what I was worried about, getting one of their comp picks.

That’s what I was playing with too! :grinning:

With trade downs

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How do you do trades with NFC West teams? The get covered-up by the Cancel button for me.

Draftek has #88 to Detroit

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I use my phone

When you get to that window, try to hit the CTRL and - (minus) keys, simultaneously, on your keyboard. It should reduce the zoom level of that screen and hopefully make the hidden selections available.