What a bunch of low life writers at the Freep!

I can see why Patricia has no patience for these negative slanderous hacks.
Win and they biotch and lose then they biotch even more. Freep should change its name to TMZ, really. Don’t give them the click bait satisfaction.

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Its moreso the Detroit sports media. They hate it when they aren’t pandered to. So they look for ways to stir up shit, and then when things dont work out, its finding new ways to bitch. They try to build a narrative and they hate when that narrative is disrupted by results, and then they fawn over themselves when they think they are proven right.

I dont blame Patricia a bit for being abrasive with them. Its not like winning over the media saves your job. Wins save your job. If you want to make fun of the media, just keep winning, ala Belichick does, and you can say or do whatever you like.

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Oh, and where was Moron-ez’s epic rant when Caldwell went out and won a truly meaningless game against GB, costing us about 7 spots in the draft and allowing our division rival to draft ahead of us?

The media hates Patricia. I hate the media. Therefore, Im liking Patricia more and more


He still needs to win.

We can try and demonize the media all we want, but ultimately they’re gauging the fan base and trying to hold the team accountable. Keep in mind that it was promised this wasn’t a rebuild; BQ said it was a playoff roster, and that Patricia was coming in to take them to the next level. We’ve had a few good wins, but 4-6 isn’t where they should be. And when they’re not where they should be, Patricia has to answer for it. That’s the job.

I agree that there are some in the media that can be annoying, snarky, and cynical. It’s the Detroit media. This team hasn’t won in forever. But Patricia still needs to be accountable, and unless they turn this season around, year 1 will have been a complete failure.


I’m not sure why people keep acting as if Patricia is some sort of victim here. He’s the one who chose to get combative with the media while having nothing to back up his except his prissy, sulky attitude.

Want the media off your back? Do your damn job and win more games than you lose. Your predecessor showed you it could be done with a worse version of this roster.


Carlos Montarez articles always comeone across with some satire to me. I think he was having some fun with the whole “up and down” season.

That’s where I’m at with it. If the media is still impossible if he turns this thing around, then talk to me. Until then, start winning some games.


Maybe because before he coached a game they unearthed a false rape claim? Bad way to start a relationship… Just sayin

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Im not saying Patricia is a victim. Im saying the Detroit media is an old bit, a shtick. Im saying id be adversarial to them as well.

You are right, it comes down to winning. However, again Im sick of the revisionist history on Caldwell. Caldwell was just as adversarial with the media. Remember the Dungeon of Doom? Caldwell did well with the media in 2014. Then in 2015 during the 1-7 collapse, Caldwell turned sour and stayed that way. A little decorum!!

The man came to a town that has one playoff win in half a century.
He came from a modern day “title town”.
He was highly regarded by football people all over the league.
He was highly sought after by, at least, the NYG.
He spent years as the understudy to what is regarded as the best coach in football.
In his very first season of trying to break past the mediocrity that is the Detroit Lions, he doesn’t get to even his first game before there’s stupidity in the media about his practices being tougher than Caldwell’s. Before he’s playing his first game, he’s being second-guessed by a room full of nitwits. Seriously. Have any of you actually looked at or listened to any of these buffoons? They better stick to writing, because they’re definitely not leaders. They’re definitely not knowledgeable about football. Yet, with their limited perspective and possessing no knowledge of football (let alone championship football), they’re judging Patricia’s methods? Really? Sure, we’re losing and it sucks, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re not qualified to judge anything outside of a spelling bee, let alone be critical of a pro football coach.

Part of Patricia’s problem is that he expects there to be professionals in the room. His exposure to football has been in New York and Boston. He knows that they’re in a multi-billion $ industry where everything is ridiculously competitive. They are a league of pros that drive business for many other legions of pros in related industries. Then he gets to Detroit. He gets into ~that~ room with ~those~ media people? And they’re going to condescend to him? They’re going to be critical of his coaching tactics? That room? Nah, I don’t think so. So he put them in their place. He backed up his methods with data and reasoning. He gave them more than they deserve and more than most coaches would provide.