What a day

Didn’t know which thread to post this in so I created a new one.
I was out most of the day hanging in New York Giants territory at a friends house in a sea of Giants fans and what a glorious day. Not only the Lions beating the Giants handily but the Rams magical bean looking more and more magical by the day.

In any event, I haven’t read through the threads today so I just wanted to get the pulse of The Den. Where are you guys with this team? Buying in? Cautiously optimistic? Wait and See mode?
I’m in cautiously optimistic territory but it’s hard not to be a little excited at the direction this team is going especially considering that they still have lots of guys on the shelf that can help down the line so there’s more to this team that hasn’t been tapped into yet. Maybe I should have made a poll. Anyway, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys.


Cautiously optimistic before I remember Jamo is on the roster.

3 consecutive wins are hard for any team.

They cook the Bills on Thursday and I’m not sure this forum survives.


This is unironically for once the board today
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Don’t you mean unicornally?


Even if we make it a competitive game vs the Bills I’d be happy… we got several winnable games on the schedule after the Bills, especially if we add Jamo and Romeo in December!

Jags, Bears, Packers, Panthers, even the Vikings don’t scare me at all.


If they didn’t beat a single team over .500 the rest of the year they’d finish 8-9.

If they stole one against either the Bills, Jets, or Vikings they’re at 9-8.

Take 2 and we’re 10-7 and likely in the playoffs.


You think Romeo will return? I’m skeptical but he’s been practicing so hopefully we see him.

Jamo? I can’t freaking wait. I haven’t anticipated a Lions player debut this much since Barry when I was a young tike. He’s going to be a huge boon for this offense.


All I ever wanted and predicted was 7-10…but u are sucking me in brother!!!

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Romeo, Julian and Jamo!!! It’ll be like…

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So Buffalo … how do we do it?

Play soft zone and hope Allen makes mistakes and then run it down their throats?


Smash Allen in the knee often and start praying to the football gods! i hear one God was named Alim!!

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The Dolphins and Jets seem to have figured it out, but they both had corners who could go toe to toe with Diggs. I’d maybe run a similar gameplan we did with the Vikings coverage wise. We need to make the Bills run the ball with their RBs, because that’s their weakness. Their O line is good but not great, similar to their running game.

We need to treat Allen as the primary run threat. Be prepared for him to extend a play or two and make magic happen.

And we need to score every time we get the ball. Pound the ball down their throats and get St. Brown in the slot as many times as possible. I’m not sure what Tre’Davious White’s status is going to be but he was out today, so that would be a big blow to them if he can’t go. If we get Reynolds back, we’d be essentially at full strength with our WRs.

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How did this one get past @CuriousHusker?

Wins have a way of changing people.

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Since 10/1 Allen’s completely percentage is 61%. His elbow may be a problem for hik.

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Winning is fun,
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DetroitSportsPodcast (@DetroitPodcast) November
20, 2022

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Love it!


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I’ll say that I am in the Wait and See mode but so far…really like what I’m seeing the last three games.
Coming through in the clutch to win it is huge for this team.
IMO…if they can stick around with the Bills through the first 3 quarters then I like their chances. Buffalo can blow some teams out so it’s important to stick around and not fall by 2 TDs early.

A few weeks back I would consider this a blowout but now the Lions are playing with confidence.
Keep it going.