What a difference this by week

I am used to watching NFL during the bye week and thinking to myself, " so this is what NFL teams look like." Now, I’m catching myself thinking things like this…
“our guys would have probably forced a fumble, right there.”
“our guys would probably have picked that off.”
“He would not have been that open against our team.”
“Our QB would have made that throw.”

Really nice shift. Also, noticing I’m much more interested in outcomes of other games, and watching far less casually.

This week, I’m seriously paying attention to positioning, rooting against the division, and those who could be playoff competition.

Here’s to expectations of meaningful football in December, fellas!


watching KC and Colts, Im thinking Lions run defense might not be as good as I thought. Colts shut down KC run first half. Colts defense overall first half looks very good.


Our defense looks really bad. After watching what the Colt’s have done.

“Lessons On Execution - How NOT To Blow Opportunities” - a new book released tonight, by the Indy Colts…

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Refs trying to bail out a chiefs now

Back to Back D holding and NBC doesn’t show a replay of either so we can see the calls for ourselves

KC also had their #4 wr playing as the #1 by the end of the first qtr, we didn’t get that luxury. I will say tho i’m impressed with indy d.
You do realize tho take away the fumbles and td return (which were NOT great defensive plays, more so carelessness by us) and we not only win but do it going away

Also - a “roughing” call that never happened, kept a drive going that ended in a TD. They would have been punting to us.