What about a sneaky trade for Michael Gallup?

He’s on the last year of his (cheap) contract and Dallas will almost certainly be unable to bring him back. He’d cost maybe one of our 3rds or at most a 2nd, but it’d be for a proven guy who still only 24 (turns 25 in a month). That’s the sort of offseason move we should be making, a young guy who will still be a big time contributor 2 or 3 years down the line.

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I’d rather spend the 2nd or 3rd on a rookie, being that this is such a deep class, and get 3 years of cheap production like they did with Golladay


I’d rather give up our 5th for Cedric Wilson Jr. (or a 6th if we can get one before signing him as an RFA.

I prefer Tylan Wallace in the third as opposed to grabbing Gallup and having to pay him next year.

But finding a guy like Golladay in the 3rd is a pretty rare thing. With Galllup at least you know already know he’ll produce. It’s the Rams approach, basically, but with 2/3rd rounders instead of 1sts.

Draft! There are a ton of guys out there that can run and catch. Not the place to spend huge money.

I’ve been a broken record here. Draft/Find/Acquire 4 good WRs instead of one top guy. Goff is very good at spreading the ball around and doesn’t play favorites too much except maybe 3rd and 10.

You know I love Wallace but even still, the draft is so unpredictable around that stage, there are far more 3rd rounders who do nothing at WR than otherwise.

Sorry, can’t get on board with that thinking… Gallup isn’t a bad player, but I’d rather roll the dice and take 2 reviewers in the draft and hope one is exceptional than spend the pick AND $10-12 million per year on Gallup

Fair enough. I happen to think Gallup is a #1 WR so perhaps it’s just that my evaluation of him is so high. But like, if the Stafford trade was Goff + two 1sts + Gallup (if we could get him for pick 88), that to me would be pretty much a slam dunk.

I definitely don’t see him as a #1… He’s a Marvin Jones type WR to me. He can put up 1000 yard seasons, but he’s not someone you have to game plan for.

I don’t hate the idea if he’s willing to sign here but if you trade for him he’s going to demand probably more money than he’s worth…but maybe he comes here and produces more than his contract, like Marvin and Tate did…or just draft a kid, wait a year, and sign Gallup as a Free Agent.

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Oh I think he’s a far better athlete than Jones and gets much better separation. Not nearly as good at the catch point though.

I think people have forgotten how good he was looking prior to this season, when, don’t forget the Cowboys added a 1st round draft pick into their corps to compete for targets. Before that people were saying stuff like this:

lets say we draft a couple WR;s an we have 4 now an likely will add couple who will be a lot cheaper that Gallup.

But for me will be to watch the wire for a couple more.

There also will be a few Undrafted WR;s who may or may not make roster.
I will not write off the two we signed at end of season to future deals.
They were on PS all season an like I think many young guys MP an Master Quinn didn’t have time for them.
Bolden Jr., Victor WR 25 5’ 09" 175
Kennedy, Tom WR 24 5’ 11" 192
Both are young an had a year on PS so they have idea what it takes. Can they make roster who knows when given a fair look.

They will get a fair look this season I hope they are working harder an ready when they can hold a camp. So we do have 4 now
Cephus, Quintez WR 22 6’ 01" 202
Allison, Geronimo WR 27 6’ 03" 196

He is oldest of the WR we have right now.

He’ll love Swift and Hoch. Hope we can retain Jones and get solid trade value for Golliday. I don’t want to loseKG for nothing.

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I like Gallup. Not for a 2nd in top 40. It’s a solid idea worth considering. The cowboys made their thoughts on him known when taking lamb. He has potential, I’d like to see him used differently. Definitely has part of the type of skill set we’re lacking. I could talk myself into a 3rd.

We gotta tag and trade KG I think. Based on what I’ve seen don’t think Holmes will let him bolt for a comp. I’d still like to see Kenny in a Lions uni if he’ll play willingly under the tag. Marvin on the other hand has been great but is headed in golden Tate’s footsteps of regression due to age. Would like to see a fresh face in his spot.

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