What anonymous NFL scouts said about the Detroit Lions’ 2023 draft picks

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Anonymous scouts, lol. I’d rather hear from the den.


Man I used to love McGinn’s stuff at the Athletic, wonder why he left? I’m already paying for that one not paying for some new thing.

This is such a reversal from the common “you don’t get paid to do this” narrative that I’m awarding you 5 more Davicus Dollars.


I think I’m up to 10 bucks now… haha

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I think his comment on LB Campbell was interesting. The same question I had. Why doesn’t he attack the line of scrimmage? He has a reputation as a big run thumper but his tackles seem to be dragging ball carriers down after 7 or 8 yard runs. I see him getting trucked by Ibrahim who had 240 tards rushing against Iowa. He does look better than any of our LBs dropping into zones but I don’t see the tenacity attacking the line of scrimmage.

Is Benson his body guard?

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Sounds like another Teddy Lehman.

Eh i wouldnt go that far

If you mixed Campbell and Branch, you’d have the perfect player… What one lacks, the other has. Branch has the instincts to cover up his poor athleticism and Campbell has the athleticism to cover up his poor instincts. Both will be decent pros.

Bro…we ARE anonymous scouts…just not “professional”

If you mix Jack Fox & Dan Campbell…
…you get Jack Campbell

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In response to the OP headline:

“I wish we had those guys on our team.”

Someone on a different msg board, subscription, did a breakdown of the All22 film on Campbell which pointed out his instincts and numerous plays at the line of scrimmage.

Really looking forward to seeing what is real isn’t real with this kid as the takes are somewhat varied.

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