What are the bucs impressive wins this year

I looked at the last 6 games and the only one I see is the packers. Eagles don’t count . Philly effort was so weak the league should fine them a million dollars for not showing up.


Philly’s effort was shocking considering the talent on that team and what they did last year. Not so shocking when you consider Matt Patricia does that to people. I’ve always disliked Philly’s coach.

We really should beat Tampa. What I worry about is what happened when we played the Packers a second time after beating them so thoroughly on the road. I don’t want to see a let down. Its hard to believe that is possible with so much on the line, but last week was emotionally draining. I won’t worry about a let down again after this game. I’m just hoping we get off to a fast start and bury the Bucs early. I don’t want to play from behind against them.


Looking as well, and … yeah, the narrative falls apart right away.

The last several Buccaneers games going back to Nov. 26 …

  • Lost to Indy
  • Barely beat a terrible Carolina team at home
  • Needed a last second TD to beat a terrible Falcons team
  • Beat GB in GB: Solid win
  • Drubbed Jax and the 30-12 win wasn’t actually that close: Solid win
  • Got their asses kicked at home by NO
  • Barely beat a terrible Carolina team and didn’t score a TD
  • Beat a Philly team that had clearly given up

To @farmerted’s point, this is a game the Lions should win—and maybe convincingly.

And for that reason …

Its A Trap GIF by Star Wars


I don’t want to see the Baker that played GB please lol.


Tommy DeVito had just ripped off a QB rating of 114 against that GB defense the week prior. In a windy Meadowlands. For some reason GB had a short but very deep slump in between their two hot spells. Young team?


Which is one of the reasons I think they could get absolutely crushed this week. Very inconsistent team.

That said I watched a lot of that TB-GB game and imo it was definitely Baker’s best pro game. He was dealing that day.

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Bucs have a great defense. I see this as low scoring game

Tampa Bay finished the year 14th in defensive DVOA. Detroit finished 13th.