What are the Detroit Lions going to do at receiver?

I’m all for a WR at 7!

Few years ago I would be against any WR that early but we need a playmaker big time!

We are thin at WR and I don’t see any player for the defense worthy of the 7th pick!


If the Lions are actually thinking they can compete this year I think they keep KG. I’m all for the best player available at #7 as long as it’s not a TE. All in on a wr.

Not sure what they’ll do on real life but I ended up drafting Waddle in madden and by year 2, he was an absolute monster for me. His speed was turning everything into a big play. I’ve never had a guy that I’ve loved more than playing with him.


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Hahaha :rofl: oops

If they’re smart the lions will address receiver in FA and then look at getting a receiver in the draft preferably within the first 2 rounds(with how deep this draft is I’d almost prefer 2nd round).


My favorite receiver who won’t break the bank is Corey Davis. Think he’s the perfect number 2 guy but unfortunately we need a 1 and a slot too. Lions need to free up some cap space.


They have Kennedy on the practice squad. We might find out this season if he has anything to offer as a slot guy or not. He did seem like he had some game, although raw.
Of course nobody knows what kind of preseason, training camp, or what there will be. Makes it hard for the borderline guys to improve or get a legitimate shot.

Best part of the article that was posted. haha enjoy!

“Matthew Stafford is in Hollywood and Matt Patricia is off somewhere else talking about Malcolm Butler while looking like a total slob that resides in the apartment complex behind the 7-11 and had moldy slurpee cups piled up in the back of his 1997 Toyota Tercel.”

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I watched most of the Titans games this past year because Henry was my feature back in fantasy ball and saw plenty of Corey Davis. He’s decent at getting open, but he also drops a lot of passes. He reminded me of Ebron.

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Draft 2 WRs in the first 4 rounds and go after a cheaper option.

Watch Josh Reynolds get signed by the lions.

If one of the 2 WRs drop at 7 - take em (Chase or Smith)

Otherwise make damn sure you get a WR you like in round 2 and possibly round 3 or 4 as well.

Then roll with Reynolds, 2 picks, Allison and Cepheus.

He dropped 3 passes and caught 70 percent of balls thrown to him last year.

thee Anti-Ebron !

Don’t forget the 3 more drops in playoff game when it mattered most.

It would be a mistake to take a WR in the top 10. Not even Megatron could win with us. And that’s with a number 1 overall QB to throw him the ball. Suh had a larger impact in a game than CJ IMHO.

Bill Polian spoke of “pillar” players that you pay and build around. Those were OT, QB, DE and CB. Since there are none rated that high this year, I’d get that LB Parsons if available. If he’s not available: I’d trade back, if I can, and take a WR between 10-15. That seems to be the sweet spot for a WR.


If the Lions actually think they can compete this year… then they are destined to be terrible for YEARS to come.

With the lack of talent on the roster and current cap situation… the worst thing the Lions could do is to spend money in free agency focused on the 2021 results.

I see no reason the Lions can’t compete this year, especially on offense. Keep KG and get another WR in the draft to go along with TJ, Swift and a good OL. If Goff can limit his turn overs and has a running game the offense should be competitive.

Special teams should be ok…

But that defense is the biggest question mark by far. Hopefully this staff can put guys in the right scheme to see some improvement.

I’m not talking Playoffs here but I can’t believe the guys on this coaching staff are going to lay down.

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Cephus, Sanu 3 rookies