What do you see in Goff?

I’d love to know what you guys are seeing/thinking/feeling about QB?

It’s just one game, and I’m not SOLD either way.
Right now, I’m leaning toward drafting QB next year.

I think Goff has one more year on his contract after this one. If he does great, he stays & we trade new guy… if not, we roll w/new guy.

New QB?

  • Leaning toward figure out something new
  • Leaning toward stick w/Goff
  • Definitely something new
  • Definitely stick with Goff
  • Other (plz explain)

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Not freaking out due to expected rust.

Besides, the lack of defense is what has me really freaking out.


Rough outing today, there were at least five drops and he was under pressure a ton in the first half. At the same time he missed some key throws and the INT looked like his fault.

Overall it’s a 5/10 today for me.

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I thought overall he looked good. I think the Philly defense came out on point. There were 2 passes where the receivers read the defense wrong and the later cost a pic 6. Missed some throws but they all do. I really think Philly will be a top team with that defense and the RPO BS Hurtz brings.


I think the early miscommunications rattled him.

Too early to panic about replacing him. Just a many defensive issues if not more to correct.

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Still too soon to make a decision. This is his make or break season though. Just need to see more of what he’s ultimately going to be in this offense. We can’t continue to have him have those bad stretches like the way he played in the first half of this game. That is simply unacceptable.

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Other: he is not stupidly expensive until we compete our prior regime overspending purge.

Average qb.

He’s trash. Not an NFL QB. His finance can get piped though

I think we’ll fare better against less mobile QBs. Hurts is a great runner.


Massive yes!

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Too early to say. He wasn’t good today when it counted but I can’t vote after 1 game. I can rant for sure, but not vote yet.

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I think since Goff offers very little off schedule he’s going to have to be more consistent than he wss today.

Yeah, we got pressure multiple times today and he was able to use his legs to get out of it with ease. Not to mention the handful of 3rd down scrambled too.

AJ Brown looks like a great pick up with his size and aggression. But I can’t help but feel that Devonte Smith is wasted in Philly which is a shame as he is a technician.

Will be interesting to see how far Hurts takes the Eagles - his inability to work the middle of the field in the passing game will seriously hinder their offense later in the season

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Its too early to say what goff is or isn’t. Just like its to early to say anything about hutch. Walker did have a sack and have a pick, but still to early to say hes going to better then Hutch. Stafford had a bad game too

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Durability is Brown’s issue.

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Same as I’ve felt for a long time. I want Bryce Young on a Rookie QB contract for 5 years. Goff is okay, but QB contracts are getting out of control and I don’t want pay big money for what he brings. He’s not bad IMO it’s just going to be a bad investment of resources to extend him.


The overreacting in this room is so funny. 1 game and “hE’s noT an NfL Qb” This wasnt too different from the Stafford years. Decent throws, missed throws, drops, close game against a good team in the end couldnt get it done because the talent is lacking and we are not as good.

He’s better than average and he was playing against a good Defense. If he stinks it up against the bottom tier teams then you have more of an argument.

We have more glaring needs than QB right now. We need a Probowl caliber LB or DT or both!

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The INT was 100% on the TE. Lions receivers need to learn how to catch and run better routes.


If the draft board falls the right way and we can upgrade at quarterback without giving up a ton I’m all for it. I also wouldn’t mind trading one of our firsts next year for a 24 first. I’d love to see jj McCarthy stay in Michigan as a pro.