What do you think of the Pistons getting DeAndre Jordan?

The Pistons traded Sekou Doumbaya and Jahlil Okafor for DeAndre Jordan and 4 second round picks?

What do you guys think?

According to the ticker Jordan is already scheduled to sign with the Lakers and we are going to buy his contract out.

Good futures move. 2nd round picks have become more valuable recently, getting 4 of them in the deal is worth the cash and SD. Pistons are being run very well right now.

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2nd rounders can be bought. Pistons also gave up the bust Sekou and pay the dead cap for Jordan’s release?

That’s exactly what the Pistons just did is bought some 2nd round picks. This same GM turned four 2nd round picks into Seddiq Bey. Like I said this is a great futures deal for the Pistons.

Good move. After buying out Jordan, we have one open roster spot. I think they convert Garza’s 2-way to a real contract, and give that cat Pickett a 2-way. Sekou wasn’t working out, that’s the last non-Weaver player who is now gone.

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I literally sold a Sekou card minutes after this went down.

I have like 15 of his rookie cards…guess I gotta unload em while he is hot!


The money also isn’t awful. Brooklyn gave us a bunch of money so Jordan’s contract doesn’t count that much against the cap.

I hate NBA. These buyouts are really dumb

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Hard to fault what they are doing. They’re the closet team to the playoffs that we have.

Weaver has been impressive. The Lions are number 1 for me but there’s nothing like the NBA playoffs when you have a contender…IMO. Can’t wait to see how this plays out over the next couple of years. Weaver has collected a young group of hungry players and seems to have a great eye for getting guys later in the draft, which is not something the Pistons have been historically good at.

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Past the financial side I like how this move clarifies the lineup. Here is the lineup now:

Cade Cunningham, Killian Hayes, Saddiq at SF, Grant at PF, Stewart at Center with Kelly Olynyk and Luka Garza playing Center with Trey Lyles also in the mix. Then we have Hamidou Diallo/Josh Jackson/Saben Lee/Corey Joseph and Frank Jackson all likely playing roles in 2021/2022. Could be interesting.

I think he’s gone anyways and it doesn’t even matter. We got rid of two bums that I’m glad are gone and basically got back all those second round picks that weaver gave away in previous trades.

He bought him out for 16 of the 20 owed to him and the nets sent us nearly 6 million plus we saved about 4 million from the said 2 bums we traded so the money paid out isn’t terrible.

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who cares? , I stopped watching the Pistons after the “Bad Boys” era.

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Agree. I rarely catch a game for more than a few minutes these days. And I’m not commenting on the player skill level.
Something about it just isn’t entertaining.

Okafor was one of the most disinterested players I’ve ever seen. Not sure how you can be 6-11", built, athletic, skilled, and completely worthless at the same time.

If you don’t care then why did you click on a thread that said Pistons on it and take the time to post in it?


bc back in the day, I USED to watch them…so, I thought I post. I watched every game I could and bought Bad Boys merchandise back then. and when the bad boys thing ended I stopped watching NBA basketball all together.

Yet here you are posting in a Pistons thread.

Anyway, not a fan of the trade. They take on more dead money with the buyout and gave up on a young talented player who they had little interest in developing for 2nd rounders that are pretty irrelevant with Brooklyn’s 2nd in this draft which is a nothing burger and three that are all in the back half of this decade. Did the Nets a big favor and got very little out of it.

I think it’s waaaaay too early to say Weaver has been impressive. Yes, the prior GMs sucked almost at a Millen level, so anything is an improvement.

But the Killian pick looks like a head scratcher, and last year’s FA signings didnt show a lot on court as far as wins are concerned … which should be the name of the game.

Not saying he sucks or anything. Just saying it’s early to crown him.

So finding a first team rookie at 16 and a second team rookie at 19 and a capable back up PG in the second isn’t impressive? And for the record, Hayes is a 20 year old foreign player that had no preseason last year and missed a good chunk of time due to injury and you are already willing to call the pick a “head scratcher”. I guess Weaver needs to find the next Lebron late in the second round to prove his worth.

And you’re also right. Grant was a complete load as a FA Joseph couldn’t play a lick, and Dialo should just learn a good trade because he obviously sucks at the NBA level. Hey Weaver… get Griffin back here immediately so we can impress this fan base.

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