What does everyone collect

LOL - been doing my best to cleanse that pattern out of my way of being.

BTC, BTC and more BTC.

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Frm’s descendants discover his hidden treasure…

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Get rid of it boys. It’s death. I only have my house payment and will have that paid off in about two years. Then save even more for retirement. Good luck.

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Larry Norman CD’s.

Really specific, but have been collecting since 1984. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

User data.


Oh yeah bro, you have a lot of cases of beer sitting there with all that stuff. Truckloads

I rebuilt a baseball card collection during the pandemic. Nothing crazy, just new low/mid stuff to hold and a few oldies (Trammell autos 78, 79 and 84 jumbo).
Still flipping new stuff…Ohtanis and low end Burrows, pack pulls.

Beyond that, experiences. Sitting in LAX waiting for the flight after a 7 day Mexican Pacific cruise on Norwegian. Fantastic, though Cabo is a dirty shithole.

I have a ton of old show programs, charts and stuff from being a jazzer…yeah, thats about it.

More of a minimalist.

On the flip side we have determined Mah Sweetie now has hoodies from 45-50 ports/vacay spots, which shouldnt put a dent in her approx 1500 piece clothes and shoe hoard.

Also, I cant walk in the garage anywhere, or the utility room downstairs…or the shed…totes and storage bags…


I hadn’t even considered beer.
I do have about 30 bottles 1-3yrs old in my fridge, all barrel aged stouts.

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I’m working on it. Unfortunately I’m only 2 years into my condo. Still a long way to go.

Slow and steady wins the race. The killers are credit cards and auto payments. I can’t believe the size of some car notes out there. I’m fortunate to have a company car and my wife is on board with buying two year old cars (when needed) and driving them to the point where they are worth only a few thousand bucks at the end. As long as they are reliable and safe she’s ok with it…which is fantastic. Her car is paid off at this point so we will have a few years of no payments and PLPD insurance which is always nice.


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Nice, thanks for the feed back

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I apologize my man……
I was mistaken.

I collect life experiences… and the ones I collect here are important to me… so I was definitely wrong with my post.

Good on you to call that out… we should celebrate the good things in life! :clap::clap::clap:

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Just wanted to have some conversation with people, and this is why i should stay away from social media.


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nah… don’t stay away… just remember all of us are flawed…
and there are good and bad things with all things being a human.

edit…, just want to add…, my original post was simply to say I don’t collect anything, I really didn’t mean it as any kind of slight… but I just really don’t like to have “stuff”… and I realize that is REALLY rare. I sometimes feel like an outkast because of that…. but it is just how I am wired… so I guess I admit I am a REALLY weird one.

I just love that Tom Hanks GIF…. so I mght have subconsciously wanted to post it…. so take that for what it’s worth….


I don’t look at this off-topic stuff enough.

I’m not trying to, but I collect bicycles. I have nine, but in the market for two more.

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Deep thoughts!

ps - you’re right