What FA should lions look at

How many FA should the Lions look at or how many can they reasonably get I would like to see WR Russell Gage CB JC Jones S Marcus Williams and maybe C or G Bradley Bozeman

Loaded question in that if one answers with players : A, B, C, X, Y, and Z ? …then your putting your neck out on a chopping block per se.

that is you must be prepared to be drilled with lots of questions and you must be able to correctly defend each and every player that you listed , If you don’t —or can’t , then your going to look like an asshat…probably why your not seeing a volume of responses.

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Marcus Williams would be great! And even possible thanks to MCDC& Glenn connection and Saints cap situation.

Greets from Germany.


If they aren’t 25, 26 or 27 . . . they shouldn’t be looking at them (unless they are looking for QB or OL).


Makes sense
I wouldn’t mind a few deals longer than 1 year
— like for a couple solid roster adds

I don’t think I’d agree with that. If Goff has keep up his level of play, there is no reason this team can’t be dangerous by 2023.

For example, Allen Robinson is 28. Most receivers can play well into their early 30’s. I understand he is coming off a down year, but Chicago’s passing offense was abysmal. That could also mean he can be had at a slight discount.

I persnally want to get a WR through the draft and spend elsewhere in FA, but if they did sign Robinson he would be perfect as a 3 year fix.

Most WR’s in their early 30’s are on the downside of their career. Honestly, there is no reason to consider Allen Robinson. If you are going to spend that kind of money on a WR, do it on Godwin/Gallup/JuJu, not Robinson.


Goff is going to play just good enough to create MASSIVE controversy as to wether we keep him or not. This place is going to be ridiculously split at a near 50/50 rate. We need to remember that the ppl in the Den are our brothers, and that we all want the same thing…Lions SB victory…we just believe in different ways to go about it.

I like what Weeze-man said about a rook taking a couple of years to be ready to compete. For that reason, along with my level of belief in Goff, I’m hoping we boost Goff’s trade stock and upgrade from him. He may prove me to be wrong AF, and I hope he does. I like the guy, I just wish he was tougher.

Godwin is the only guy I’d put above Robinson. JuJu hasn’t done much of anything since his rookie season and is redundant with St. Brown. Gallup is a solid WR, but he has never been more of a solid starter. Robinson has been an elite QB with crappy QB play for the majority of his career. I get 2021 was crappy, but there were legitimate reasons for that.

Historically speaking, Robinson should have 2-4 years of very good play left. If he comes at a reasonable price since he is coming off a down year I’d be more then willing to take the gamble If he is looking for #1 WR money then I would pass. I would offer him 3 years 36mil with a relatively reasonable out in 2024 in case his play declines.

I don’t agree. I bet you that Goff would love Hock, Swift, a healthy OL and St Brown x 3 out there.

We don’t need a true #1 because there is no such thing. The GOAT was an average sized, below average speed from a small school…. The X factor for the chiefs has a RB frame and is known as Cheetah? The guy who holds the receiving yards in a season record is a “test tube WR,” and the guy who almost broke the record was a slow white guy no TWO guys could cover….

We aren’t suggesting we field Welker, Edelman, and Ammendola…

At 6’1” and 216 with tenacious blocking, he’s not a tiny slot. With a 4.54 forty, he’s not slow, he’s just not a burner. That fact that he touched 20.64 mph on a 97 yard td tells me he plays faster than he compares at a combine event.

Draft on guy who is 6’2” plus with some springs and you have a route running, QB friendly wr corps that blocks like some TEs

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Rasheem Greene, Cedric Wilson Jr. and Foye Oluokun. Not that I’m particular or anything.

One of Holmes’ first moves in taking the job was to trade for a 31 year old DT. So while I hear what you’re saying, the front office clearly doesn’t agree with you. For better or worse.

Personally I feel the idea of adding players who will be here for the next 5-10 years just isn’t realistic. It’s the NFL where a huge chunk of your roster turns over every single year. You can barely even predict your roster the following year better yet 3 or 4 or 5 years down the road. I love foresight, but you also pay a premium for guys in their mid 20s like you mentioned. Not sure paying that cost is always the best move for a team coming off a 3 win season.

I heard Tyrell Williams is available, and primed for a breakout season. Oh, and Breshad Perriman looks to be a FA… lol couldn’t resist.


I mostly agree with this take. I think they should be looking at younger players.

However I do believe a little veteran leadership would be good. So if we do go out and get an older vet it should be a stop gap type on a one year deal.

I doubt we sign anyone near the age of 30 to a multi year deal.

That was for his leadership . . . understandable.

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Welcome! Willkommen!

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Start with our guys.
#1 in my book is Josh Reynolds. It’s no coincidence that that offense came to life after he started seeing playing time.
The guy chose to come to a horrible team, and his experience and attitude helped turn things around.
Pay the man!

The fact that he’s coming off a down year is a bit of a warning sign though.

With fields and Dalton throwing to him with that horrible o line

So Mitch Trubisky wasn’t the problem after all then. Fields sucks for sure