What goes with Cuban Rum?

In a little while it will be Cuban cigars.

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At “The Havana Club” smoking cigars and having my new best friend make my drinks. Actually I’ve known Tyson for a few years now, best bartender in Cancun. Not just Mojitos, you name it the man makes a great version of it.

So, I went back to the beach to hang with my family and there’s a guy and his wife with a Lions beach bag. Season ticket holders and went to all 3 playoff games. Taking my camera tomorrow and getting some pic’s.

Great food…….obviously :rofl:

My f&b guy says some form of old fashion. He suggested some agave and citrus bitters.

When I go early in the day they are just open and he’s getting the back bar ready with condiments for the day. We shoot the shit about bartending, what he likes to make, etc. They don’t make food there, all that stuff is for various drinks. There’s a hole in the wall 2 doors up that is authentico, I have Tyson call and have them deliver to his place. I’m in an all inclusive so generally I don’t eat out much because they’re bending me over already.

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When ya gotta go, ya gotta go because we’re just renting those drinks.

From the street…

Cuban old fashioned … cuban rum, with tobacco bitters & a dried tobacco leaf. You’re welcome.

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Not sure on the rest of the ingredients but the “Havana Club Smoky” is what he uses.



Traditionally, the Old Fashioned cocktail has been made with bourbon or rye, but we like to shake things up and are big fans of the rum version. The distinctive aroma and taste of the aged rum Cuban Smoky work perfectly in an Old Fashioned twist to bring this timeless drink right up to date.

Cuban Woman if you drink enough of it

Celia Cruz Dancing GIF

There was a Cuban woman who used to cut my hair in college that was drop dead gorgeous. Today Elena is a judge in Kansas City. She was friends with one of the women I lived with and would come to our place and I have to say, I was more regular getting my hair cut in those days and even inquired about haven’t it trimmed in between. Unfortunately she had bigger plans than a guy who loved bartending and wasn’t going to move on anytime soon. So I looked her up, this was interesting…

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