What happened to Nick Mullens?

When this guy hit the world like a storm in SF he set all kinds of records. His 4405 yards in his first 16 starts was the second fastest by any QB in NFL History… just behind Mahomes. He is only the 3rd QB in NFL History to put up 250+ passing, 3+ TD’s and No INTs in thier NFL debut. Joining HofF fame Legions FRank Tarkenton and Jim Kelly.

The kid broke all kinds of passing records in college too… needless to say his future was bright in SF… then what happened?.. I am asking because I do not know why this kid suddenly fell off.

Here is what I do know. He’s 28 years old and has had stints with SF, Philly, CLE, and the Raiders before ending up in Min. He has 17 career NFL starts and a 5-12 record as a starter. He has taken snaps in 25 NFL Games and completed 65+ percent of his passes for 5168 yrds, 27td’s to 23Int’s. It does appear his decision making could be better but those aren’t bad numbers at all. So why is it this kid can’t hold down a starting job?

I would like to discuss more about Nick Mullens. Does this kid scare you? Are you worried he could pick apart our secondary? Or does this kid have an Achilles heal that has kept him from being an NFL starter?

I think he throws a couple INT’s. But I expect 300 yards and a couple TD’s as well.

3 main reasons why are named Jefferson, Addison and Hock. We may have issues covering those 3.

Lions 27 Vikes 24


Wow thank you for compiling Air because I had no idea on his accomplishments in NFL. It does beg the interesting question that you have asked.

I can’t answer as I had no idea on his past!

Water meets its level.

He’s 6 feet tall, played at a small college, and while he can sling it, has thrown an awful lot of interceptions in the few chances he’s had.

And any QB playing the Lions scares me. I have 30+ years of watching us make pedestrian QBs look like hall of famers. We are single-handedly responsible for whatever beachside mansion Matt Flynn is living in.


LoL. Ohhhh, so painful


It all depends on which lions pass rush shows up. The Vikings have a good pass blocking line. If we don’t get pressure this kid will carve us up.

As for Matt Flynn. I blame Rodgers. He and Flynn spent a month game planning for Detroit because they knew Rodgers was going to sit out.

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I get his decision making hasn’t been perfect but 27 TD’s to 23 INT’s isn’t horrible either.

As you pointed out he came from a small school. He went undrafted and everyone knew he was a project. But he also showed a lot of promise too. I understand why SF gave up they had Jimmy G and went out a drafted a 1st round QB and let him hit FA.

Eagles game him a 1 year deal but then waived him in final cuts. Which doesn’t make much sense.

Cleveland signs him as Mayfield’s backup.

The Raiders sign him the next year as Carrs backup. They then traded him to MIN.

I dont know the kid has shown some promise. He can clearly play. I dont think he’s your typical backup. He has plenty of experience and has had some success. Needless to say he’s capable.

But the one thing that I question is why? …. Why did PHI, CLE and the Raiders give up on him?

I’ve seen far worse QB’s with far worse stats get starting time to develop and be successful…. Why not him?

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