What happens to Zach Ertz?

I assume he’s a free agent again, but does anybody know what the situation with him is? I know he also technically never got promoted from the practice squad, if that affects anything.

Would we consider bringing him on for next season?

PS players become Street Free Agents at the end of the season and are eligible to sign a Futures contract like Julian did last week…

He gone. Only way he’s back is if we’re as injured as we were to end this past season.

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I would. You cant trust wright or Mitchell to stay healthy. I know hes been none healthy as well, but goff, and Johnson love using the TEs.

Well dang. I never realized PS players were that hard up for money. Who is his…ummm…agent?



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What is that?


Too funny…here…

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European plates on the car. Pretty sure they don’t look like that here

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I have Noah Fant on my wishlist.
He’s athletic AF and would be a HUGE upgrade at TE2.

Ha. That’s not the they I meant but I’m good with this

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Iowa boy.