What I am hearing

Good draft day all. I thought it would be interesting if we all stated what we are hearing might happen with the first 5 picks in the draft. From what I am hearing as of this morning it could be very interesting for our Lions at #6. So from what I have heard the last few days here are the teams picking in front of the Lions and who their top targets are.

Panthers - B. Young
Texans - T. Wilson
Cardinals - P. Johnson
Colts - W. Levis
Seahawks - J. Carter

Now if the draft falls that way here are the players that would be available for the Lions to select or trade out for.

C. Stroud
A. Richardson
W. Anderson
D. Witherspoon.
and so forth and so on.

Those top 3 being left on the board may put the Lions in a very good trade position.

So what have you folks been hearing the last few days? Anything different?

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Some smoke about the Titans moving to 3 for Stroud.

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Same. There’s a lot of talk about Tennessee coming back into the top 10. They have the ammo to do it, and it could be with Detroit.


If we have Anderson and Stroud on the board and take one of them I’ll be ecstatic.

Wouldn’t surprise me to see it be ATL

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Vegas firmly believes Anderson is the pick at #2. That line moved strong just moments ago, so I am guessing something leaked. Too much speculation at the pick for Vegas to move the line that far.


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I talked to Jon…
Everything we are all hearing is coming from the same relatively few sources.
I am soooo ready for this draft to be over. It hasn’t been fun for a month, now.


We made it Frog! 149,376 mock drafts later, we are here. With our luck the power will go out tonight at the draft and be postponed another day. Like that super bowl a few years back.


You! Zip it!:rofl:

They might not need to.

But isn’t that a direct effect of how money is being bet? I’m not a gambler, but it’s my understanding the line moves based upon the money coming in to balance the book, so to speak.

I’d be more ecstatic about Anderson, but would understand the selection of Stroud and trust Holmes-Campbell’s judgment in that regard.

Stroud could also become a valuable trade asset if the Lions received a good enough offer during the draft.

I want QBs and Carter drafted before us. Gives us the best player available that will be a steal at #6.

I heard Stroud is a no-go to the Texans because his agent is the same as Deshaun Watson’s was at the time he wanted out of Houston (before the accusations). They hate the agent.

A QB falling to 6 could be great trade fodder.

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Texans sound like a mess and I’m not convinced they know what they are going to do yet. I would not be surprised if they trade out at this point.

P. Johnson and the Cardinals seems like a lock unless they are offered a huge trade package.

Colts still want Levis.

Strouds score on that mental test has shaken some teams draft boards up (Texans) and he may slide down to the raiders?

Vikings will take a QB and are willing to move up but so far the price is too steep.

Lions war room is seems sealed tight. It’s such a different feeling with this regime.

I hope they take Hooker man


Zierlein moved the line. In his final mock he shifted off Wilson to Anderson cause he thinks Wilson’s medical will be the tiebreaker.


Right, we were so dang close to a resolution on the Goff Stafford question unti the draft topic took over the board.

We need to get back that asap!!

Anderson to Houston was always a great fit. Even if he hits his reasonable floor we’re talking 8-10 sacks, good run defense, great teammate and ambassador for the organization. That package is probably a top 2-3 player on that roster.

And that’s the likely floor iMO.

I like Wilson over Anderson. Seems like Houston as well