What I would do on Draft Day

Go ahead, critique and crush it. But I want it on record in case anybody wants to look back and kill me on it years from now.

I think Top 5 will be Bryce, CJ, Will Anderson, AR15, J.Carter.
Even if Indy deals for Lamar then I can see Ravens going AR15.

6- Smart Money Skoronski NWESTERN - Safest prospect in the draft IMO. Improves our team the most. Gives us a dominant OL ELITE makes our running game better. Makes our pass pro better. Which makes our QB better. Which makes our defense better keeping them off the field. He’s the guy that helps us the most in this draft.

18-Kancey DT Pitt or Bijan RB or Nolan Smith I’m going with inside juice killa Kancey. We can find run stuffers inside like Ashawn/Wormely

48- Captain Jack Campbell MLB Iowa takes over

55- fall back get a +4th …Darious slay-Rush CB S.Carolina future stud at outside CB, a little raw plays behind Moesely for a year.

81- TE Tucker Kraft Dakota St … David Sloan vibes.

*4th -NB/DB J.Martin Illinois learns behind CGJ for a year, replaces will haris next year

5th- Dylan Horton DE 4 sacks vs Michigan.
Would also love Pace/Sewell MLB if we miss out on Campbell. Blackmon/Garner if we miss out on DB day 2 or run stuffing DT like Clark or SEC boys Young/Pickens

6th - Stetson Bennett QB and Chalie Jones WR getting a Bailey Zappe and Hunter Renfrow combo round 6. Besides this is what the Den Mock decided.

7th- somehow get a 7th K Jake big booty Moody

Trade for matt corral


Before I opened this I said to myself: he’s gonna go Skoronski first, then Bijan or Kancey, then at some point he’s going with an Illinois DB, Darius Rush is a given, and Stetson Bennett will be in there somewhere. 5 out of 5. We all already know what you would do on draft day my man.


Perfect then my work here is done. See ya’ll in April :sunglasses:

P.S. Lions will draft Edge Nolan Smith at 6 just remember where you heard it first


A) They were ready to take Walker last year if Hutch was gone

B) Micah Parsons

C) Hassan Reddick

D) The elite combine that they were raving about

E) Holmes is on record confirming he’s added to the DL over other needs before and it worked and he’ll do it again.

@Thats2 much love bro and respect. It was fun, i learned a lot from you this draft about a lot guys I didn’t know about.


I think Smith is absolutely in play at 6


I’ll take it n be very happy!


I’ll wait until we’re closer to the draft to post my official “what I think they’ll do” draft (are we doing a draft contest this year?) but I don’t think there’s any way this staff, who are very analytics driven, take a guard at 6… Just not gonna happen IMO, the value is not there.

I think it’s Carter, Wilson or trade up with Arizona for a QB

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What about trading Jeff Okudah? Are you dealing him on draft day?


Depending on Moesely health, but I do see Okudah dealt between this draft and trade deadline.

Pick Swap with Oakland throw in Okudah is ideal.

Or if we do something like trading our future 3rd for a 4th this year…we can then later trade Okudah to recoup a pick in 2024 draft

You need to draft starters in round one and two.

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We have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds. Not sure we even have 4 starting spots open Marty! Those picks are gonna have some serious competition to earn a starting spot, which is a great thing.


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It’s ok. April will be here before you know it.

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If this talk about Carter falling happens on draft day…

#18 and #55 gets us up to Chicago’s pick #9.

Skoronski and Carter is still my dream scenario.

Carter and Skoronski. That’s plan A

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