What if we traded our second 1st for a player?

Before the season, I compared us to the 2021 Philadelphia Eagles. We were both teams that had really good running games, but needed to get better basically everywhere else outside of a few really good players. I thought we were going to be beneficiaries of our schedule, and like the 2021 Eagles, go into the offseason at 8-9 or 9-8 and have a ton of assets to make our team a lot better the next year.

Like the 2021 Eagles, we both started the season poorly, and like the 2021 Eagles, we are hitting our stride in November. We are now looking at a favorable schedule for the rest of the season and have an outside shot at the playoffs if we don’t screw it up.

The Eagles last offseason can hopefully be a blueprint for what we can become. Obviously they’re working with a 2nd round rookie QB contract and we’re dealing with Goff, but we are also probably getting a top 6 pick in the draft they didn’t get from the Rams. The Eagles went in to the offseason with 3 1st round picks but they only ended up making one of those selections. One was traded to New Orleans for their 1st round pick this year about a month before the draft, and the other pick they traded was for AJ Brown, who is clearly one of their best players this year and is making a huge impact.

What if we did something similar?

Who says we have to take a rookie corner with that second 1st round pick? What if we went and traded for a top corner who can step in day one and produce at an elite level?

Who would we trade that pick for? I have absolutely no idea, and I also have no idea what position on the defense we would target, but it would make sense for it to be corner.

But what do you think about this idea? Obviously it matters where our pick ends up also, because trading the 10th pick is an entirely different conversation than trading the 16th pick.

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Example I wouldn’t for a CB they are to pricey But maybe sign an trade for the Wash DT an draft a CB or DE

As far as corner goes, I must say, I’m starting to be really impressed by Cam Smith the more I watch of him.

Jalen Carter and Cam Smith would be a haul in the first round.

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I’d consider it for the right player…however Holmes has been nailing his 1st round picks so far and they come on rookie deals, with team options for a 5th season, I like the 5 years of team control that come with 1st rounders. Whereas you trade for a dude, he’s likely getting paid soon.


I don’t have an issue trading picks for players. But it would have to be the right guy. I wouldn’t hesitate to trade a 1st round pick for Bills LB Tremaine Edmunds. But I can’t think of a corner that I’d make a big move for right now.

How about are pick for Payne 25 years old proven starter. Use Ram pick for CB or Rush DE

I would do that sign an trade \sign UFA CB Jamel Dean just just 26 good size check his stats.

have to be one hell of a player before I give away a first-round pick.


In terms of the re-building effort, I don’t think the Lions are quite there yet to be giving away guys who would be on a 4 or 5 year contract at a relatively low price in exchange for a higher priced FA, who would eat up a large part of the salary cap that is already strained.

If the Lions want to go after veteran talent, they should target an unrestricted free agent or two.


So, lose a pick and pick-up a big contract?
I don’t think I want to do that, right now.
Ask again in March.