What is ARSB capable of next year?

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Should be a little bit of a dip, I’d think. Jamo and Gibbs, in particular, should pick up some slack next year.


Ben Johnson won’t be here so we probably won’t complete a pass next year


■■■■ next year… what’s he capable of tonight.

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Now, with Honolulu Blue hair.


definitely not a pro bowl…. :flushed::thinking:🫨

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Honestly, this will likely go down as one of, if not his most productive season ever.

Jamo should be ready for a bigger role next year, LaPorta isn’t going anywhere and Gibbs was mostly a non factor in the passing game, which should change next year.

Guys like Kalif and Reynolds (he will be back) are not going away either. We also like to run the ball.

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I think his YPC will go up but I am not sure he can get 100 catches next season.

The offense is developing and with LaPorta and JaMo coming on I just do not see him getting as many looks.

But hey I feel like this season there were more options and he got 116. So what do I know.

The problem is he has such good hands and runs extremely good routes it is hard not to feed the man.

I think his statistics will be less, however, he will still be a problem for defenses, and he will be fine with it.

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