What is going on? Even Carlos is defending the lions

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HO-LY Fuck

All the people here claiming this is SOL should get a grip


This isn’t the SOL. This is the same old refs. I hate putting blame on the refs, but the lions are a different team. They are a good team. You can see the growth and the development. I am pissed at the “score tds don’t blame refs” bc the talk before the game was that the packers defense was legit. Tj doesn’t drop that td, Kenny doesn’t trip at the 8 and we are putting tds on the board. We didn’t settle for fgs…54 and 51 yarders isn’t settling.


TBF I haven’t seen that more than once tonight.

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Sorry. Only wins matter.

Everything else is BS and buys no pity or moral victory.

If the refs steal it, the owner and coach should be yelling.

If they ARENT, Only wins matter. And SOL still dont win.

Not in my lifetime.

Right on Que…

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Only wins matter.

Did you watch the post game? Coach says only wins matter. They didn’t execute. Lost the game.

Sounds like SOL to me.

Whether is dropping passes in the endzone, fumbling 1st downs. OR
Accepting games stolen without complaining.

Its the same. Its a loss. Because its the Lions.

What’s complaining going to to? Everyone from a local to a national level recognizes that the referees blew some incredible calls and assisted in the packers survival. Just bc the NFL screwed up doesn’t mean Patricia has to get on the podium and yell and scream and call out people, that might appease the emotions of the moment but it wouldn’t help the lions image or get the NFL to say “our bad, forget what you saw, here is a W”.

A good lions team isn’t suppose to just roll into Green Bay and put TD’s on the board with ease. It’s a divisional opponent, it’s a tough road game. Players drop passes like TJ’s catch. He has to make the catch but that doesn’t mean SOL. There was PI on that play FYI. The packers defense had been getting rave reviews…Rodgers Played ball control in the second half. Lions got a 54 and 51 yard fg…they didn’t settle and didn’t miss the moment. They had a 9 point lead got a sack that should have been 4 and 20 but the refs blew a horrible call. Marvin jones was interfered with and if they call it as they should have ball is inside the 20 (??). They at least get a fg out of that possession. That last possession allowed the packers to run out the clock rather then give the lions over a minute to try and get within prater’s length range (75 yards lol).

People keep saying “can’t get fgs to beat the packers” they said the same thing about the chiefs and the funny thing is, had we not fumbled twice inside the red zone and settled for 2 fgs we would have won that game by 2.

The lions did enough to win and win well on the road vs a good opponent. The refs interfered. Instead of saying the lions SHOULD have done this or THAT why not talk about how the refs DID impact the lose in a direct way.

SOL is kicking 5 FGs. SOL is having 12 men on the field on a 4th and 5. SOL is not ripping the officials publicly. SOL is having garbage at the RB position for pretty much 80% of the Lions seasons since Barry. SOL is dumping huge resources into the dline IE Flowers, Daniels and Snack and getting no return. SOL is drafting Jarrad Davis in the first.

SOL is Stafford not getting it done AGAIN. SOL is this team at .500 and in the basement of the division… again under Patricia.

Sure smells like SOL to me.

Yeah, but Birkett just put up a “Lions made a lot of mistakes and cost themselves more than the refs did” column.

It’s a b.s. take.

The Lions gave themselves a two-score lead in the fourth quarter, at Lambeau. Wasn’t enough to overcome serial Black Swan Aaron Rodgers Ref Magic.

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That first hands to the face was a back breaker. We were up 9 and about to get the ball back. Losing a possession and turning into a touchdown for the Packers.

I probably wouldn’t have blamed the refs for this loss if they literally didn’t effect 3 straight critical possessions in the 4th quarter (hands to the face, DPI, hands to the face). Every one of those calls had a huge impact on the game.

Both of those hands to the face calls extended Packers possessions and the DPI non-call killed our drive. I kind of feel like the Packers got three extra possessions and we got three taken away. All in the fourth quarter! This game made me physically sick and I have seen refs influence the game all to often when we play Packers.

There is a reason 25% of Rodgers 4th quarter comebacks are against us…coincidence?

That’s horse shit coachspeak. Of course we executed…we stopped them and they would have had to punt the ball to us with the lead, but the ref’s decided the Packers deserved another down, again.

SOL fans making piss poor “what if” excuses when the team did everything they needed to win the game.

Bottom line is if the ref’s didn’t intervene with their made up calls there is no doubt our chances to win go up exponentially. That is a FACT.

Talking about what could have been is Fantasy.

When the USA Today point blank says it…literally calls it robbery…it ain’t just Lions fans…

Dave can kiss my ass

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But this doesn’t help. I mean I am right there with you Jaded but I am so tired of the day after a Nationally Televised game the media and NFL fans saying Detroit got robbed…again.

Didn’t say it helped

Just stating facts

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