What is worse? 3 scenarios of golf trip with golfing buddies


  • Dirver A and rider B share cost of 850 mile round trip but Driver A dumps Rider B off at gas station 20 miles from Rider B house and his wife has to pick him up
  • Driver A and Rider B share cost bust Driver A leaves a day early and makes sure rider B has ride home
  • Driver A and Rider B takes 850 mile round trip Rider B offers no money for cost of gas,

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This sounds like it’s not a hypothetical question… I am pretty close to 100% OK with scenario B. I mean driver a may have had some kind of issue come up but again if you’re on a golfing trip your house better burn down or something really Is horrible.

Did driver a not get permission from the wife to go on the golf trip and by taking rider b all the way home could have revealed his hand to rider b’s wife who calls driver a’s wife and totally busts him out?

Scenario C is just total dick move, Unless driver a kicked rider B ball away from the hole 3" from his 1st ever eagle putt

These are not hypothetical and did actual happen. The 1st happened a couple years ago and the other 2 happened a couple weeks ago. 4 days of golf in Mesquite, NV. A bunch of retired guys go every year from the Phoenix AZ area.

In the A scenerio the rider had an agreement with the driver that his wife would bring him to the drivers house but the driver would take him home on the return trip. The driver changed his mind after the golf trip and dropped him off at the gas station 20 miles from the riders house (let him know 15 minutes before dropping him off).

The B scenerio the driver was golfing like shit and wanted to leave a day early but made sure his rider had a ride home.

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A) Not sharing in cost, agreement or not, is not cool. Unless special circumstance like passenger was temporarily out of work and driver offered to pay for gas himself.

B) You don’t alter the agreement once the agreement is made, unless both parties agree, or extenuating circumstances forces it. I hope the driver had some kind of excuse other than they just didn’t feel like driving those last 20 miles.

C) You don’t alter the agreement once the agreement is made, leaving a day early in something that is probably suppose to be fun because your feelings are hurt, is lame, again unless the other party agrees to it. Don’t pressure them into it.

What is even worse on scenario 3 is that rider B was up over a grand at the tables and machines and still did not offer to pitch in for gas,

Rider B would find himself on a lifetime subscription to Brony.com, Furryswingers.com, antifa, and signed up for every trial magazine offer I could find along my travels

Don’t let money mess up a good memory.

I can be very cheap at times when it comes to “stuff”. When it comes to creating a great memory, cost should never be a primary issue.

Think back to some of your best memories. Does “who paid for what” really matter ??


The correct answer is which wife/girlfriend is miffed. When I was young, that was always our angle.

Is there an option for a bank heist somewhere? that has my vote