What Lions jersey would you buy?

For arguments sake let’s assume all rumors are true.
Slay is traded.
Stafford is traded.
Snacks is cut.
Graham Glasgow leaves via FA.
A’Shawn Robinson is gone too.

You then walk into the official Lions store with money in hand to buy a players jersey. What Jersey would you buy and why?

Oh by the way they are sold out of Golladay jerseys in your size.


#92 Chase Young. But I’m not a jersey buyer, so there’s that. I was gifted a Calvin Johnson jersey. I even brought it down to Costa Rica where I’m living. Gathering dust. Mildew, actually.

I said Lions Jersey.

Chase Young.

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Yeah, being cheeky. I hope the Lions break down Young as a prospect and decide they can’t live without him.

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Is there a Chase Young currently on our team?

I do however expect Young to be drafted by Washington anyway.

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Walker or Hand…I buy jerseys in order to get them signed by the players and hang them in my man cave. My walls are kinda depressing: Suh, Calvin, Bush, Tate, Ansah, Diggs are all up there. Stafford, Barry, Chris Spielman, Jared Davis :man_facepalming: and Kenny G are there as well.


I don’t think there going to get the chance.

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I’d imagine Washington Fans will riot if they don’t take the hometown kid.

I haven’t spent a penny on anything Lions for fifteen years. But have been gifted with BSanders & Kerryon jerseys. But I would like a Hand jersey, but peeps would say, “Who?” .

Stafford’s, but only if she takes it off and signs it.

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Can I somehow get this shirt with Patricia’s face on it?
Maybe combine these two shirts.


Last Lions jersey I had was a Billy Sims mesh half shirt.


Ha he has the big boy look going on too.

I bet you could sell alot of them

It’s a fun and interesting topic, because even most terrible teams have at least 1 or 2 guys who are arguably elite and/or marketable. This roster has no difference makers, no leaders, no bad asses, no personalities.

If I had to buy one, I would probably be forced to go with Hockenson. Only because he’s still pretty likeable and is still really young and at least has a chance to become a long time plus player. Nobody else on the current roster holds that potential.

I’d buy a Ragnow jersey. Seems like he’s here for the long haul and gonna be a good one

Plus our wives could wear that jersey to warn us when it’s “that time of the month”. Solid investment actually.