What player with time an experience might Lions release

I would guess it could be Christian Jones LB just could be the biggest shocker

Killebrew is probably the only guy I can think of.

Experience on our own team… (more than 1 year)
Killebrew is on the bubble. Been here since 2016
Reeves-Maybin is on the bubble and has been here since 2017
Wiggins, 2018
Ford, 2018
Virgin, 2018

Ford and Virgin are near-certainties as being released.

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Releasing Reeves-Maybin would be a mistake. The guy is heck of a special teamer and seems to be solid in the defense as well imo.


I’m just saying, he’s near enough the bottom of the roster that he could be cut.

Seems to be having a good camp from the little bit of information coming out this year. I hear what you’re saying though, but being good on ST gives him a pretty good shot to make the team I think.

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I think Wiggins is on the bubble.

I think it would be Aboushi instead of Wiggins, mostly cuz they rotated Wiggins with Glasgow last year instead of Aboushi. I think he’s the most likely get to get cut, but Virgin is a possibility too and/or maybe Ford.

Some say they might cut TyJo in favor of Huntley but I don’t think Huntley is quite NFL-ready yet.

I’ve read more than once this off season he has become a beast on ST… I don’t think he is going anywhere imho

They have some tough decisions to make. I’ve read some good things about TyJo this camp. I also read somebody comment that "if your 6th round RB is doing exactly what you expect your 6th round RB to do in camp why would you cut him?

Seems like they have a bunch of speedy guys like Agnew, Huntley, and Hall to make a decision on. They could easily keep all three though.

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