What players do we have that are part of a potential championship core?

I’ve seen all this talk on here about how we’re at square one and are an expansion team, which I don’t completely agree with. We have some pieces, just not a lot, and not any great ones yet.

But who are those pieces? What can we build around?

Here’s my opinion by position…

QB - None
RB - Swift
WR - St. Brown
TE - Hockenson
RT - Sewell/Decker
RG - None
C - Ragnow
LG - Jackson
LT - Decker/Sewell
NT - McNeil
DT- None (This is sad, but Onwuzurike will probably be on the roster.)
OLB - None
MLB - Barnes, Anzalone :face_vomiting:
CB - Melifonwu
S - None

I’m not saying all of these guys are these great NFL players, but this is a realistic skeleton of where we are now.

Any thoughts, additions, subtractions to this?

IMO you can build around goff, you just need to go back to when we had the run & shoot. Get us the ‘silver smurfs’ at wr again. really fast little guys that get separation and open frequently and run a hybrid west coast. have one tall guy for some jump balls (hockenson fits here) and we have the RBs to be successful, we have a thunder and lightning right now and they’re perfect.
we just need speed at the wr position.


Rags, Hock, Sewell, Swift.


I would add Parker and I believe Cephus can continue to grow and be a low level 2 but more likely a 4. I do think Levi O will be better next year than we see now don’t forget both he and sewell say out last year.

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To start off I am NOT a Goff hater, but after yesterday I think we solidified he is not our future. He can be our QB for the present, but he isn’t going to win us an NFC championship. He doesn’t have Aaron Donald and company to bail him out on defense anymore.

Ragnow, Sewell, Jonah Jackson, maybe Decker. Hockenson.

Swift could be, but the window on RBs is smaller and smaller. By the time the Lions are ready to compete for a championship, he might not be the player he is now.

Jack Fox, of course!

On defense? Ummm … uhhh …

Will Harris for sure.

Core backup special teamer.

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Putting St. Brown, McNeill, Barnes and Melifonwu is complete speculation. None of them have really done anything yet. Championship core? Not yet. Not even proven dependable players yet.

And Analzone? Really?

That’s only because of how attached this staff seems to be to him. I don’t want him, but they do.

yep - forgot about Fox.
good point on Swift, i thought twice about putting him there, but he is not very heavily used so he may have staying power. I think the jury is still out on Jackson. Unfortunately, Decker’s window is now; our window is … not now.

The defense was ranked 20th that year. The offense had to win alot of shootouts.


I hope the prior comment about Will Harris is a joke.

I think Will Harris will be benched soon or traded or something.

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Correct. During Goffs 5 years he had one top 10 defense and that was in 2020.

Not many.
Fox, but if we are a champion we don’t need a punter.

So we suck and will for awhile. Too many holes

Even though he has already won an NFC Championship, and several play off games.
Detroit Fans don’t deserve a starting caliber QB.
Maybe DanO could make a comeback?

Pieces that could be part of a Championship core?

Ragnow, Decker, Hockenson, Sewell (maybe), Swift (maybe), J. Williams and that about does it. Nothing on defense, a couple of longshot prospects.
I guess Goff if they form an elite cast around him.

Oof, how did I forget the Lions best player. Foxy

Right on.

wes anderson fox GIF

Tracy Walker is a safety you can roll with. He just needs another guy next to him who doesn’t shit the bed.

I think Eddie Jackson’s main problem in CHI is that he’s missing Adrian Amos.

Thank you. Even Aaron Donald needs help to make a defense great.

Jared Goff is 26 and has made TWO Pro Bowls.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, with respect to Goff, it’s just astounding what many fans know “for sure” that just ain’ so.

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