What’s it like to learn an NFL playbook?

Detroit Lions legend Dan Orlovsky posted a pretty neat tweet that I thought was worth sharing:


Kind of amazing how quickly someone of these kids pick this stuff up without a hitch and why you see some take a year or two to really click.


That is great insights to what this camp is all about.
By day 2 I’d just want to be on the field just hitting people :innocent:

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Man it’s easy to see why our FO puts such an emphasis on football intelligence.


Eeesh! There’s a “base personnel” section. Egad!

Run For Your Life Running GIF by CBS

That’s because he used his playbook from the Texans as the example. Had he used his rookie playbook with Mooch and the Lions, it would have been a post-it note handwritten that said “run up the middle…screen…draw…slant.” That was the entire playbook. There is also a reference to goalline offense. But it says “to be installed at a later date.”