What Super Bowl do you want to see?

Only thing he could beat Ra in is an ugly competition.

I just hate it when anything good happens to the Philadelphia fan base


Bengals 9ers for a 3rd time!!! And a Bengals win!

SF matches up well with Philly, they should handle them and finish (unlike the Rams game last year to go to SB they were up 2 scores and didn’t close out).

Speaking of which, Lions played SF week 1 in 2021 they lost NFC CONF GAME

Same thing happens in 2022.

This KC game…man it feels just that Cincy game last week. Nobody is giving them a shot…at arrowhead…

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Think I saw somewhere, or heard on GMFB, that SF hasn’t faced a QB like Hurts, this year which will be the wild card for their defense.
No idea if accurate or not, but Hurts is obviously the wild card for whatever team is playing Philly.