What the hell is wrong with Aaron Rogers?

He looks homeless…like he’s slept on a park bench with a few 40’s .

It could be the hippie he’s dating.


I’d say that’s what’s right with aarod. I’m admittedly biased he’s done some good things for me and am a hippie at heart. Despite 2021 life getting in the way



Can take the man out of Berkeley, but can’t take the Berkeley out of the man.

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I think he’s just a douche bag.


Shit I am homeless and I look better than him. Injury at John Deere. Actually everyone in Wisconsin looks like him. But something is off.

Only hope that we can still mock him after Monday…


I’m not convinced he’s mentally fully put together. He looked completely checked out of last week’s game.

Just wait. Around midnight Tuesday morning, everything will be A OK with A-Aron. He’s got the perfect prescription to make all better coming into his house Monday night.

probably playing weak and mentally unstable so when we play him , he unloads on us !!