What the Lions are spending in 2020 on each position group

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This is an interesting breakdown of cap spending. A few things jumped out at me:

  1. Jesse James at $5.3 million. What were the Lions thinking?
  2. Interior defensive line spending at $12.1 million while the league average is $21.9 million.
  3. $20 million in dead cap money. Getting rid of some players wasn’t free.
  4. Looks like the Lions will be in reasonable shape for the lower salary cap in 2021.

Interestingly the Lions weakest position group is also the group that is furthest from the league average dollar wise. I wonder if BQ has rebalancing the cap numbers as one of his goals. Might be a good thing to look at. Based on pay the cornerbacks need to be outstanding this year.

Pretty much what I expected to see.

One of my pet peeves is the amount we spend on the OL. I brought this up in the Glasgow thread earlier this year. We could have afforded to keep him. Going cheap at the OL just isn’t a wise choice in my opinion.

With that in mind I really believe the Lions over spent for Halapoulivaati Vaitai. The kid hasn’t shown anything to warrant such a contract. I hope BQ is right on him or it will set our OL back.

To me it just feels like we’re playing it cheap on the OL and DL for that matter.

The belief is that games are won and lost in the trenches and we’re going cheap here for some reason.

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Way over paid for him thinking he would break out. Which is also what we did with Halapoulivaati Vaitai. I just hope Vaitai isn’t the disappointment that James is.

To me it seems we over paid for Flowers, Wagner, Lang, Coleman, Vaitai, and James

We got value in M. Jones, Amendola, and Snacks (one year).

Overall BQ hasn’t been even close to as good as Mayhew in signing free agents.

there’s league average. you KNOW Quinn is well aware what that is, but this is Grossly underpaying your interior defensive , average is about 22 million and he is paying our group 12 !!

10 Million dollars LESS -than “Average” going rate. Wth is Quinn thinking?

That’s an interesting comment
Mayhew did not spend money well
Quinn has overpaid to fill needs without breaking the bank
Is it good strategy?
I don’t know
I do like that we’ll be in position to address the interior DL at some point in the next 6 weeks
Regardless, I believe for the part he’s trying to extract as much value as possible from each signing. But mostly not going after A1 guys because, I think they offer below average value for the output and roster risk
I have no issue with the way Quinn has managed a roster rebuild
I prefer to not engage in splash signings— just seems like too often they fail to deliver

Mayhew managed the cap poorly but his free agent signing were above average. If only he knew how to manage the cap better. He rarely grossly overpaid. He just structured the contracts poorly.

BQ on the other hand either way over pays or he signs a guy to a one year deal. But he does a better job structuring the contracts.

Coleman, Flowers, M. Jones, TJ Lang, James and Wagners contracts were all far above market value. The only one who has lived up to his contract so far is M. Jones. That contract at first was criticized heavily but BQ came out looking good on that one.

Now we have Vaitai who is paid way above market value. We’re hoping he can be a starter caliber player and live up to his contract. Big gamble by BQ. I have to give him credit for taking the risk but if it fails it will set the OL back.

My biggest issue is our OL pay is below average and we keep overpaying for guys like Lang, Wagner, and now Vaitai. Yet we let Glasgow go? Green Bay has backups making more than many of our starters.

BQ’s approach to the trenches is questionable for sure.